The writer from Dénia Antonio Villar presents his book «Fascismo; A synthesis of the myth of the two Spains?»

January 19 from 2023 - 12: 19

It is difficult not to stay with the title of the book presented yesterday by Antonio Villar, Fascism; A synthesis of the myth of the two Spains?, in a UNED Dénia classroom where people interested in the subject, friends, family members and the UNED university community in person and online met for the presentation of said book.

Present at the presentation table were Julio Adelantado Fernández, student of Anthropology, Antonio Villar, author of the book and Mª Ángeles Menéndez Gutiérrez, UNED Dénia Academic and Quality Coordinator who during the presentation of the event commented "Antonio is a committed person willing to help their students and to collaborate with the center by participating in all the activities carried out by the center by that I mean…Antonio is UNED and thank him for his book and this is the first in a long list”

It is a subject that Villar has studied for more than two years to be able to publish this book. As Julio Adelantado indicated, «Antonio has been very brave for trying, regardless of whether or not it hurt sensitivities, to clarify this phenomenon that is so hackneyed and ultimately so little known, philosophically basing the possibility of giving an answer, if any, to the identity problem Spanish".

Antonio Villar, born in Dénia, philosopher and currently professor of Philosophy in the subjects of History of Ancient Philosophy, General History of Science and Ethics at the UNED Dénia Associated Center and where in recent years he has dedicated his time to research to contemporary political philosophy and, in particular, to the concept of fascism in Spain.

On a special day for the author, he wanted to thank the attendees for their presence and to thank all those who have collaborated directly on his book, alleging that in his work he tries to "be as neutral as possible. The purpose is to illuminate and for the public to think.

  1. Fco says:

    In both Spain, fascism and communism, everyone forgets that communism has taken many lives, more than fascism,