Dr. Christoph Meyer-Josten Glorieta Clinic warns us about how to prevent diseases such as skin cancer

Dr. Christoph Meyer-Josten of clinical Glorieta He explains one of the key issues to prevent disease and talks about skin cancer.

We are accustomed to going to the doctor only when something starts to hurt us when we feel discomfort when performing everyday tasks or when we appreciate that something in our body does not work as it should.

This passive attitude towards our health causes, in many cases, we do not realize we suffer some type of disease or disorder until it is too late. Often patients come to see us when evil is done.

Many diseases could have stopped, they slowed their progress or even healed in time if we had made preventive medical examinations.
It is clear that we can not go to the doctor every month to check each of our body parts, but the fact is that some diseases that we could avoid are skin cancer.

When is the time to examine your skin?

Very easy, if you have spent a summer with lots of sun .. says Dr. Meyer.

He continues explaining that in many cases of skin cancer can stop in time by removing the affected tissue but the problem is that this is a disease that does not feel any pain, at least during the early stages of the disease.

One of the most common skin cancers are basal cell carcinoma. This type of cancer accounts for 78% of all skin cancers and causes of increased skin cancer not only found in the deterioration of the ozone layer, but also, prolonged sun exposure, especially during the summer months.

Carcinoma is much more common than malignant melanoma, despite the latter being much better known. Carcinoma is cancer the most common skin in 78%.
Carcinoma, often goes unnoticed and, when it is detected it is well advanced. Therefore, go to the dermatologist frequently (once a year) to check our skin, it can help us feel safe because, from the beginning identifying the problem, the carcinoma is much easier to treat.

Dr. Christoph Meyer-Josten, Medical Director of clinical Glorieta

Dr. Meyer Josten Clinica Glorieta

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