The DNA Festival 2023 already has a date: Turisme will allocate 250.000 euros this year for the Dénia event

May 12 from 2023 - 12: 51

The Consell has authorized the signing of the collaboration agreement between Turisme Comunitat Valenciana and the Fundación Dénia Ciutat Creativa de la Gastronomía de la Comunitat Valenciana for the realization of the plan to promote the gastronomy of Dénia and the Comunitat Valenciana during 2023.

Through this agreement, the Generalitat, through Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, allocates 250.000 euros for the Dénia Ciutat Creativa de la Gastronomía de la Comunitat Valenciana Foundation to carry out the actions included in its gastronomy promotion plan.

In this way, the Dénia Ciutat Creativa de la Gastronomía Foundation is committed to developing initiatives such as the D*NA 2023 festival, which is scheduled to be held on the weekend from September 30 to October 1. It is a meeting of professionals from the entire gastronomic product value chain, who pay tribute to native and local cuisine.

The D*NA 2023 festival aims to position the Dénia brand, Ciutat Creativa de la Gastonomia per Unesco and the gastronomic brand of the Valencian Community L`Exquisit Mediterrani as national gastronomy benchmarks.

Another of the objectives of the D*NA is to consolidate itself as a meeting point for the entire gastronomic product value chain, as well as being an example of sustainable gastronomic tourism and a vehicle for promoting Valencian Mediterranean culture.


The D*NA counts as gastronomic curator with the chef Quique Dacosta, awarded with three Michelin stars. The events that will take place are intended to involve the different cultural groups, economic sectors and local civic associations and, at the same time, add them to the celebration, offering them a platform to promote and recover their activity.

In this way, the festival will have an area of ​​producers from the Marina Alta and the Valencian Community, an area for restaurateurs, rice and cokes, and another for experiential workshops. In addition, it will have a complete schedule of talks, conferences and masterclasses given by chefs, as well as show cooking and presentations, among other activities.

Dénia is one of the most representative tourist destinations in the Valencian Community and has established itself as a gastronomic destination par excellence. Its products and catering establishments have given it a level of quality that, in 2015, allowed it to become part of the select group of creative gastronomic cities of Unesco.

  1. what Ignatius says:

    If Quique Dacosta were withdrawn from all the subsidies he receives for these soirees and had to live only from his restaurant, as honest restaurateurs do, would Quique Dacosta be profitable from his only restaurant? Both he and the rest of the "gastronomic group."

    • Rico says:

      No. It's all a political business of mutual interests.

      In the animal world they are known as symbionts and saprophytes parasites.

  2. lecorruptes says:

    250.000 EURACS GENTLEMEN. CORRUPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE IS THAT MONEY, I DON'T SEE IT!!!!!


  3. Luis says:

    €250.000 for an event while cutting social aid, health, education and public infrastructure because according to them there is no more money. And on top of that, these people are private businesses. They are embezzling like crazy and on top of that they cry that the State does not subsidize them enough, no wonder they spend it on Saraos, parties and distribute it among themselves.