Dénia gave the victory to Gandia (3-2)

November 04 from 2012 - 23: 05

Dénia gave the victory to Gandia (3-2) in a clash played at Guillermo Olagüe Gandia with little attendance of spectators.

The first half of the dianenses was disastrous. 7 minutes and the home team ahead on the scoreboard with a goal from Canet, an error in defense and goalkeeper Nico. There was no understanding between them and the Whites the lead striker Vicente Medina.

Those of the Safor, gave the ball to Dénia, he did not know what to do with it. The defensive system of technical Paco Cuenca, Roberto left too isolated to the point that hardly came into play.

Before the break came the second goal of Gandia. Again a mistake by the Dianense behind in a ball without danger did not hit to clear. The ball reached him Carrillo who fired a shot before which could do little Nico.

Dénia conceded two goals to Gandia that did not merit to go into the break with 2 to 0.

After the break, the coach Dianense gambled, and risked returned to classic 4-4-2. A system that is much better team. The Gandia merely defend his lead against a Denia was much more offensive.

In the 57 minute, Roberto hunt a loose ball inside the area Iván Vidal, to close the gap on the scoreboard. The party was Dénia owner and continued to believe in the comeback.
74 minutes in, Cristián managed the equalizer after a good wall with Roberto. It seemed that dianenses could be something positive.

the minute 77 gift came third afternoon of Dianense defense, Oscar took advantage to make a good play and beat Nico, placing the 3 2 to that would be final.

With this defeat Dénia enters the relegation zone. And it is the coach Paco Cuenca, he was wrong in his initial approach. This coupled with the great defensive errors make it difficult to draw points in any field.

CF. gandía; Iván Vidal, Edgar, Palau (French) 45`, Juarez, Pomar, Isidro, Oscar (Gonzalo) 80`, Carrillo, Canet, and Ismael Jordi (Raimon) 75`.

CD. DéniaNico, Escobar (Joel) 45`, Alex, Baxauli, Garrido, Victor, Ribes, Dani García, Nico II (Cristián) 45`, Ferrán (Gervasio) 70`y Roberto.

Referee; Bañó Soler showed yellow cards to local; Palau, Carrillo and Canet and visitors; Garrido and Roberto.

GOALS: 1-0 Mto. 7 Canet, 2-0 Mto. 42 Carrillo. 2-1 Mto. 57 Roberto. 2-2- Mto. 74 Cristián, 3-2 Mto. 77 Oscar.

Robert the Dianense striker scored again.

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