The DBC Suma Nacional is defeated in its last match in Moixent

06 March 2023 - 12: 52

In the last match of the DBC SUMA Senior Men's 1 Nacional team, they were defeated in Moixent with a final score of 72-41. During the game, those from Dénia again had difficulties scoring points in the opposite basket.

The locals had a good start, but the Dianenses were able to stop them by putting a lot of heart into defense and fighting under the boards in both areas. However, at the end of the first period, they could not prevent Moixent's advantage from being nine points on the scoreboard.

The next two quarters were much more balanced, but the hit percentages did not help reduce the gap. In the final period, Moixent stepped on the accelerator and Dénia had no response to continue keeping the pulse, the differences skyrocketing until the game was sentenced.

With seven days to go, the team is torn between protecting itself from the play off of permanence and rush their last options to access the qualifying rounds for promotion to Liga EBA. According to the Club, "it is time to be more united than ever to try to finish the competition in the best conditions."

Next week, they will receive a visit from Elche Basket at Joan Fuster in another of the matches described as important of the course, for which they will need the greatest possible support. The victory is necessary to continue depending on themselves in the final stretch of the course.

Senior Female Preferred

The Preferred Senior Women's team saw its match against CB Oliva suspended. The Club gave up their dispute on Friday after having problems having enough players. The Competition Committee will now have to determine the consequences of this decision, in any case granting victory to those of Juan Luis Pérez, who will continue for another week leading the classification.

Next week they will visit the field of CB Tavernes, second classified in the group, in a confrontation that will mark what happens until the end of this Preferred Championship.

Senior Male Preferred

The Preferred Senior Men's team took an important step forward by winning their trip to the Ifach Calp court (53-73) in their fight for permanence. They faced the bottom of the competition with the urgent need to add a victory to continue in the fight to avoid the rest of the category.

The staging was one of the best they had this season, scoring 28 points in the first quarter thanks to the constant turnovers that allowed them to put together quick counterattacks. As well as a great success from outside positions. Maintaining this high shooting percentage was not going to be easy, despite having numerous options against the zone defense that the local team put up throughout the game.

The partials of the following two periods were balanced, managing to reach the last ten minutes with nine rental points by adapting well to the defense and exploiting the inside game. In the final stretch of the clash, the visitors showed their best face again, extending the lead until breaking the score, avoiding difficulties to win.

With the Calpinos and Teixereta de Ibi slightly off the hook, up to five teams appear tied in the standings this week, fighting to avoid the third ticket that leads to relegation, with seven games remaining to play.

The derby in Pedreguer next week will be the first test for Carlos Vila's men in the final stretch of the competition.

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