The College of Nursing of Alicante donates to the Hospital de Dénia the «Pillows with Heart»

El Hospital de Dénia has received a delivery of Pillows with Heart by the College of Nursing of Alicante. At the ceremony, held yesterday in the Dianense center, participated the secretary of the College of Nursing of Alicante, José Antonio Ávila, the same school member, Juan José Tarín and the director of Care and Services of the hospital, Alfredo Moreno.

The delivery also featured a musical performance by Valentes i Positives, association of Pedreguer women who have been treated for some type of cancer. In addition, the psychologist of the Carena Association, Pepa Signes, who collaborates with the UHD -Unity of Hospitalization at Home- of the Dénia Hospital, spoke about the coping of the disease.

Made by the Association Dones de Biar, the Heart pillows They are cushions that adapt perfectly under the arm allowing to alleviate the pain and the postoperative discomfort of breast surgery patients.

The origin of this project is found in the American nurse Janet Kramer-Mai, who in the year 2002 had to undergo breast surgery, after which some of her aunts made a pillow that fitted comfortably to her arm and reduced her pain in the incision area, decreasing the tension of the shoulder muscles. After her recovery, Janet introduced these pillows in her hospital service where she worked thanks to the benefit that they had produced during their postoperative process. After that, and following a congress in the USA, the Danish nurse Nancy Frii Jensen introduced them in Europe.

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