The Dénia Sports Club proclaims itself a League Champion

El CD Dénia is the champion team of group III of Preferential after having played 34 days. No wonder, seeing the template of quality but short that there is in the whole Marina Alta. What is amazing is the way in which the alirón has been sung. Months of debt of the club with players and coaching staff, absentee manager, is more, not a single manager in the field of "La Solana", taking into account that the former president has resigned, although federatively it is not like that. All these circumstances make the title double value.

Dianense coach, Diego Miñana, hours after the triumph of his team in L'Olleria by 1 to 2, wrote through his social networks, "Despite the regrets the CD Dénia Preferential Champion Group III", put a photo from the dressing room where there are no representatives of the board. The title is of the staff, coaching staff and those fans who have continued to believe in the team.

Accompanying CD Dénia about fifty fans who traveled in private cars, lived with their players a few happy minutes after the end of the crash. With the final whistle the euphoria broke out and everyone made a pineapple in the center of the field as a clear example of what they have between them.

Nervous party

From the party point out that it will not go down in history as the best of the group groguet, rather the opposite. They did not have their best afternoon the guys Diego Miñana runs. The start could not be better, since the first minute had not been completed and Javi, after picking up a rebound at the edge of the area, sent a missile that sneaked into the valencian goal.

This seemed so much that it could give tranquility to the whole of the Marina Alta, but nothing could be further from reality. Excessive tension that ended up gripping the Miñana, who had many difficulties to show a good game. The locals barely bothered, although Ramiro in the center of the field directed his teammates very well.

The good news for fans came from Benigànim, where the locals had advanced on the scoreboard and that clearly benefited CD Dénia. With the 0 to 1 came the rest, in both fields.

In the second half, the dianenses followed with too many nerves on the field. The locals, by the hand of a splendid Ramiro, took control of the game. The afternoon began to twist, the CD Dénia no longer sent in his party and the worst, UD Castellonense tied.

Miñana looked for the revulsive entry to Caesar by an unfortunate Guerrero, but things continued the same. L 'Olleria CF, in one of his approach crashed the ball on the crossbar. The minutes went by and the scramble came: Ruiz got the equalizer for the locals. Then came the worst news from Benigànim, where David De la Cal, scored for UD Castellonense when there were only 9 minutes left.

Santafé got the goal of the title

Dianenses players were aware of what was happening and desperately launched into the attack. In the absence of 4 minutes to the end, Santafé volley scored a great goal, which unleashed the joy of all the dianenses fans present in the field. A goal that was worth a title, as the match ended with the 1 score to 2. Social networks were fuming and congratulatory messages were gathering among people who had followed the game in Dénia through WhatsApp messages of Amunt Dénia group.

The CD Dénia will meet this Monday afternoon the rival who will be measured in the first round of promotion promotion to Third Division.

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