The CFS Mar Dénia falls in La Vila

12 2022 April - 14: 43

Without a doubt, it may have been the worst game of the season for the Dianense team, a team that was physically overwhelmed at all times by the local team and that, except for the first 10 minutes of the game, showed no signs of life.

The match began with a good rhythm and the locals with a more aggressive game and with more intensity did not take long to reach the goal, this time defended by Roque Simó, while Mar Dénia, faithful to their game, elaborated the plays more and tried to get the control of the ball, although on this occasion somewhat slow and unsuccessful. In minute 3, after a quick incursion down the flank, it was 1-0 that opened the scoring. The alarms were going off, although Mar Dénia was still involved in the game and created chances, so much so that in the 8th minute Jordi Más caught a ball on the edge of the area and scored the 1-1 and a minute later Borja Catalá finished a quick against putting the 1-2 on the scoreboard.

It had been possible to turn the score around, although it would not last long because on the next play in a quick
triangulation came 2-2 and three minutes later 3-2 with which the break was reached.

The second part was another story, the Vile team came out ready to sentence the game by putting one more gear if possible to their game, while Mar Dénia seemed to completely disconnect from the game and in that situation in the 22nd minute it was 4-2 and a minute later 5-2. Given the attitude, the game was more than sentenced and the Dianense coach did not take long to put a player goalkeeper on the court to try to change the dynamics, but it was not the afternoon and on the 27th after a ball theft it was 6-2, on the 28th the 7-2 in minute 36 the local goalkeeper scored the 8-2 joining the party and already in the last breath of the game the final 9-2 arrived with which the end of it was reached.

Next week, on the occasion of the Easter holiday there is no competition, so it will resume next Saturday 23/04/2022 at 18:00 p.m. in the Dénia Municipal Pavilion where CFS Mar Dénia will receive the visit of Serelles Alcoy CFS.

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