CD Jávea took advantage of the defensive errors of CD Dénia (1-3)

The Marina Alta derby was resolved favorable to the CD Jávea who beat 1 to 3 against the CD Dénia. A victory based on the advantage that visitors took from their passage through the Field Diego Mena. The rojiblancos took a clear advantage on the scoreboard after taking advantage of two defensive errors of the premises. The visitors showed that they have a front full of men who have the goal by flag.

Departure, many news in the eleven of Juan Carlos Signes, highlighting the presence of Paco in the center of the defense. From the very beginning of the crash, the xabiero team wanted to take control of the ball before an opponent who squeezed a lot in his pressure and did not let him play comfortably.

In one of his first approaches to the local area, a mismatch of the Dianense defense left Alvarito alone to beat with an accurate shot to Maxi goal. With that goal against the team led by Manuel Esteban, it was difficult for them to create a game for their most advanced men.

The rojiblancos midfielders were clear that the man that had to be covered in the rival team was Santafé, who was pressured every time he got the ball. This caused the Dianenses strikers barely had free balls to play with danger against the goal defended by Edu. The rest was reached with the 0 to 1.

In the second half, Esteban risked giving entry to a forward like Robert replacing a side like Fran. But the control of the game remained of a superior CD Javea in the medullary line.

At 10 minutes, a new local defensive error allowed the ball to reach César, which with a shot hit the base of the stick beat Maxi.

With the 0 to 2, the home team, with more heart than game, opened looking to reduce the score. Santafé tried it with the launching of a frank blow to which Edu responded with a good intervention.

In a ball from the left wing, Roberto Navarro headed the crossbar of the CD Jávea goal. Subsequently, again, Santafé had it by picking up a rejection at the edge of the area and launching a placed shot that crashed into the stick with Edu whipped.

But it was the visiting team who did not forgive and in the 90 minute, César, after controlling the ball very well, sent a strong shot to which nothing Maxi could do. It was the 0 to 3 but still, the local team, kept trying to shorten distances. In prolongation time, the schoolboy.

Review the good football environment that had a good response from the public on the "Club Day". There was tension during the game but once the clash ended, sportsmanship reigned and the players came out hugging each other on the pitch.

Tribute to Pepe Carpi

The acting director of the CD Dénia gave a recognition to Pepe Carpi, who for many years has worked intensely for the whole groguet. Carpi, the acting president, Juan Benavente, gave him a souvenir gift of his time at the club and a team shirt with his name. The public paid tribute to the afternoon ovation.

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  1. The k do not forgive :

    Paco seems to be essential what will happen when I got injured
    I do not understand, luckily it was Denia k is not in his best moments
    I think that Paco should play in his place and if not the bench like the others


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