The most expensive neighborhood in the urban area of ​​Dénia breaks a new historical price record

18 September 2022 - 02: 40

Many residents of Dénia dream of being able to one day have a house in Les Rotes, Marines or, in short, in the outskirts. More exclusive places, as reflected in the prices of their homes. However, you do not have to leave the urban area to find great barriers when purchasing a property, because within the city there is a neighborhood in which the houses are within the reach of very few.

The most expensive neighborhood in the urban area has once again broken a historical record in the value of its homes this last month of 2022. So much so that its prices have exceeded those of Montgó itself, a traditionally exclusive area but where it is already cheaper to live than in this district of Dénia. We talk about the port.

The port area has been getting more expensive for years, but it had never reached this level. Last year, in Dénia.com already we echoed this enormous increase in the value of their homes, but this August living in the port is 11% more expensive. This supposes a great peak of difference, having broken, which is very dangerous, a historical barrier: surpassing the average of 2.400 euros per square meter.

The barriers within Dénia between expensive neighborhoods and luxury neighborhoods

We refer at all times to the sale of second-hand homes, since it is an area where there are no newly built homes, which also affects these prices. In August 2021 we warned that the square meter was €2207 in the port, but this year it has skyrocketed to €2449.

That price is a great frontier within the same city. For years, buying a home in Dénia, whatever the area, is unbearably expensive. But doing it in one street or another can mean a difference of almost a thousand euros per square meter, since it must be taken into account that in the rest of the urban area the average value is around €1772. In Dénia the price grows, but in the port it shoots up.

  1. Henry Hernandez says:

    I imagine they took the price index from the idealista portal, right? the Portal where everything is expensive and they are guided by their price index but not by reality.

  2. mcgee says:

    The floors of the Cervantes esplanade, which I suppose refer to them, are a fried club and the information from the newspaper another (the source does not even dare to say)

  3. Marianna says:

    Les Rotes – where there is almost no sun in winter? No, thanks.

  4. AREM says:

    At this rate, Dénia is going to happen like Venice: it will become overcrowded, some, as always, will fill their pockets and many others will flee if they can from the disgusting city that it will become.

  5. Nekane says:

    The word speculation is cursed. Let us not deceive ourselves or be deceived. Everyone likes making money, everyone likes selling your most expensive house. Only those who can't call it speculation. Doing business is not a crime. It's the law of supply and demand. The shopkeeper on the corner does it and I don't call him a speculator because the chicken has gone up 33%.

    • Luis says:

      Check the meaning of the word «speculation» and the verb «speculate». You are confusing terms which causes "whitening" and normalizing serious crimes. I have given you a hint with “whitewashing”… Doing legal business or creating legal business is another matter.

  6. Luis says:

    Why it may be ? Real estate tourism speculation perhaps? Or is it that perhaps all those who are going to "live there" are engineers, computer scientists, chemists, industrial designers, etc.. all those professions that require university studies to access companies with decent contracts, fair remuneration and a consistent standard of living? ? Is that so? No. Real estate tourism speculation.