The City Council proposes the use of bicycles to avoid problems of traffic jams and lack of parking this summer

The Councilor for Citizen Protection, Javier Scotto, together with the Chief Commissioner of the Local Police, José Martínez Espasa, presented this morning the mobility and safety campaign that will be implemented during the summer.

Movement of vehicles more fluid, facilitate the parking of cars and ensure a proper coexistence between neighbors, hoteliers and tourists, are some of the objectives sought by the City and Local Police to achieve with 12 measures that have proposed for it.


Among them, highlights the special interest of the consistory to normalize the use of bicycles among citizens as an alternative to avoid traffic and "to be late" to the sites. To that end, the campaign has been presented Rodaterapia, which consists of a webpage in which anyone can see all the information that affects the use of this means of transport. See where the city's bike parks are and what are the most common infractions, such as going through the Castle tunnel mounted on the bicycle, are some of the information that can be found on the channel.

It has also presented the configuration of the parking belt, which offers 2500 free spaces less than 10 minutes from any destination; the signaling of access to Cova Tallada, which with the current need for reservation is expected to have a reduction in the arrival of vehicles; the Montgó bus line, which will be operational from Monday every day of the summer week, with 4 departing in the morning and 4 in the afternoon at 1 €; and again the "Mou-te per Dénia" campaign with information on traffic, this time supposedly less dense due to the smaller number of works suffered by the town.

Safety for summer

With regard to the Local Police, the Chief Commissioner has notified the increase of extraordinary services that will make the template, which now adds a new interim for the next 6 months, which will be to strengthen security especially in terms of holidays, weekends and nightlife. They will have special attention with the issue of bottles and noise disturbances that may cause activities during these periods, street vending and traffic conflicts that cause the increase in visitors.

In addition, the maritime surveillance campaign that will be carried out through the local police boat has already been launched, which will ensure that the beaconing of the beaches and the rules of the marine nature reserve are respected, as well as monitor that the new access requirements to Cova Tallada are met.

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Comments on "The City Council proposes the use of bicycles to avoid problems of traffic jams and lack of parking this summer"


  1. Ines de Castro :

    I've been in 20 for years. Waking up in Les Marines. Arriving at the town in the summer at night becomes complicated, jams and parking lots. Not to mention the lack of bus service. Has anyone thought of putting a night bus service? the jams and something much more important to have to take the car having gone to dinner in the town or leisure areas. Young people have to wait sometimes more than an hour to take a taxi and return to the Marines. At the end they opt for the car with the consequent danger of an accident after a night of partying. If there were a bus in each direction from the 12am to the 7am it would be much safer besides, I do not doubt, profitable.

  2. PATRICK :

    The idea is excellent but the bike route network is the most desatroza that can exist !!!
    With my bike I become the King of forbidden sense in front of the bad conception of the network ...


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