New workers Dénia City Council

  1. bandit pass says:

    And they are all of the same political ideology

    • Jesus says:

      That seems fine to me if they make a list in order. And put everyone on rotation for a few months to work and others unemployed and let them reconcile. And really interested people. Those who did not go, it is my opinion that the work is bad and you have to help, in my town it is done like this, (it is a town of 500 inhabitants) and there is not much work and the City Council helps as much as it can without assignments. The one who finds gigs leaves

  2. My mother says:

    What a panda of tolis

  3. Pepa says:

    I think it's great that these contracts are made, and I hope there are many subsidies for other young people.
    Let's see, what criteria has been followed so that there are 9 boys and one girl? Is it coincidence? I would like it to be clarified.