Ekaterina Chernysheva's “recycled” art travels from Russia to Dénia

Start date: 23 November 2019
Finish date: December 28 2019
Event type: Exposition
Site: Marina de Dénia Art Gallery
Opening times: It is explained below
Starters: Free
Event finished

After the successful exhibition of the Dianense painter Juan Caravaca, the Art Gallery of Marina de Denia opens next Friday 22 in November, at 19: 30 hours, the work of the Russian artist Ekaterina Chernysheva.

With el título Monochrome flowers Recycling Art, the sample presents the production of black and white spectrum, made in the form of volumetric collages and applications. For her creations, the author has used acrylic, cardboard, cloth, plastic and other materials already used that receive a second life. The key concept of the exhibition is the so-called recycled art, an ecological technique, which allows not to produce new things, but to rethink existing ones and see it from a new angle. The works are simple, understandable, charismatic and harmonious, resonate in the hearts of adults and children. They can decorate any interior with their original compositions and pronounced textures.

"Ekaterina masterfully balances itself on the edge of objectivity and ephemeral nature, and it is in the series of still lifes where her style is most expressed, which has an extraordinary look at ordinary things", says Gabriel Martínez, director of Marina de Dénia.

The exhibition can be visited on Fridays from 17 to 20 hours, Saturdays from 10 to 13 and from 17 to 20 hours and Sundays from 10 to 13 hours.

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