The sewage system of the Montgó forces to resort for the first time in the history of Dénia to special contributions

23 September 2022 - 13: 05

Last Thursday, the Montgó Councilor for Sewerage, Mario Vidal, held the first meeting with the residents of Calle Aristeu to inform them of all aspects of the sanitation project that will run along said street. This project, drawn up by Aqualia's technical office, will go out to tender in a few weeks and will be the first in the history of our city to be processed through special contributions.

Current regulations, both European and national, have given the ultimatum to existing pits and treatment plants in the Montgo, provoking the urgent need to act. "All kinds of aid and subsidies have been sought, and at the moment there is no line that can favor these actions," says the mayor.

Parallel to the Execution orders issued in recent months for the mandatory connection of those who were close to an existing general collector, several meetings have been held with neighbors, including the councilor who has gone to their homes on many occasions to better study each case. . Several projects have been developed in different basins. "It has started on this street and we are very aware of the high cost that it can entail, especially for the inhabitants of the area." This project has a budget of €158.000, passed on to 19 neighbors who, even subtracting the 10% contributed by the City Council, and with a certain drop in the tender, will be very burdensome for those affected.

Councilman Hacienda, Paco Roselló, invited to the meeting, explained the forms of payment to which they can benefit. Roselló communicated the possibility of dividing the payment into 60 monthly payments, (5 years), with the minimum legal interest. This relieved the residents in part, although from the area they continue to recognize that it is a very high cost, but the European directives oblige them to undertake this type of general collector and connection projects.

This is the first, but others are already being drafted and will be processed below. In any case, the Montgó Sewerage Councilor has promised to always be available to residents to help and improve the planned actions.

  1. Dani says:

    In the Bot street area we are the same, they require us to connect and nobody is against it, the surprise is that they also require us to pay the general fee, a joke of 10000 euros per neighbor. They are not even receiving the president and administrator of the community to discuss the issue.
    To all this, 850 euros of ibi, not to have streetlights, a road full of holes and of course the issue of sewage, which in Berganti street there is no general commitment and as I repeat, it can mean about 10000 per neighbor.
    Nothing works, they don't see everything we pay in taxes, we don't have services.

  2. I xelo says:

    Never have so many things been done in the city.
    It seems to me that this council is leaving Denia very beautiful with new squares and infrastructures that were sorely lacking.
    It is petty to mix politics and attack City Hall on the sewer issue.
    We all know that when we hire electricity in a place that does not have a connection, we pay the expenses caused by the infrastructure.
    Well, this is the same, now, since there are few residents and it is very expensive, I am here because they give them not 5 years, more time, so that the affected people can pay comfortably.
    And if you can request some type of subsidy, then request it.
    I take this opportunity to comment that the area of ​​Las Rotas also needs sewerage.
    If done together, would it be cheaper?

  3. Pablo Delgado says:

    Soon we will talk about abandoned lighting, burnt out streetlights, when there is an accident or misfortune we will regret it. While wasting and throwing away European funds.

  4. Pablo Delgado says:

    Soon we will talk about abandoned lighting, burnt out streetlights, when there is an accident or misfortune we will regret it. While wasting and throwing away European funds.

  5. JOSE JOAQUIN says:

    The IBI tax, collected by the City Council, corresponding to the Montgó homes, would have to deal with these infrastructures and if not, what needs do these funds deal with? If the European Community forces to eliminate the septic tanks, let them be the ones to face the costs. Ah!, perhaps it is that they have already been transferred and the City Council or the Community have allocated it to other purposes. In short, these politicians generally only think about their easy chair and forget about the most needy citizens, as always.

  6. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    Indeed, this seems to me to be a very fat stick for those affected. Even considering the IMPORTANT HELP OF THE EXCMO CITY HALL here (here I wait for you). a measly 10% and charge interest for 5 years.
    These are the politicians, especially from the left. that they don't manage or anything, they waste on committees little parties little bars indecent committees to make children slaves, that if in common they prune, that if you compromise, without compromise, that if progressives on the way to the caves etc. , HELP the immigrant at the cost of abandoning the countryman and taxpayer,
    And Denia……..EVER MORE DETERIORATED. Construction licenses stopped, creation of middens where there was lush native vegetation, to discover some stones, which are not ruins but rubble from certain times, which are then left abandoned sine die where the undergrowth shelters insects, such as the tiger mosquito, arraclanes, scolopendras etc. etc..
    More clearly, European funds ARE FOR OTHER THINGS. Not to meet the needs of the population. THAT THEY WOULD HAVE DEDICATED TO POLITICS! that will be your answer.
    Good afternoon.

  7. Angeles says:

    The beach of les deveses let's put a contribution and it has us marginalized what a shame with Dénia City Council

  8. raul barber says:

    They are not ashamed nor do they know it, wasting money on nonsense and bullshit and for things that are necessary there is no money, politicians who do not understand that the right to babble belongs to the City Council

  9. Luis says:

    Subsidies for parties, bullfights, hotel events, equality offices, etc… but not for works that are so important and necessary for society. no shame

    • Dani says:

      Totally agree, something as fundamental as sewage is no money.
      For bulls, drunkenness, various nonsense there are. The town does not have a decent road, all potholes, you leave the center and marinas and mountains without lighting, no bike lanes when it is an ideal city due to its climate and being flat. The whole management is nonsense.