Ecovidrio awards La Tasca de Julio for its commitment to glass recycling

Ecovidrio, the non-profit organization responsible for the management of the recycling of glass packaging waste in Spain, develops the Green Banderas Movement campaign in the municipality of Denia.

This campaign has the collaboration of more than 200 bars and restaurants in the town, which have been given adapted buckets to facilitate the recycling work and have been visited to explain the importance of their collaboration with glass recycling.

To encourage and motivate hoteliers to participate in the campaign and recycle glass containers, all of them opt for one of the prizes proposed in the contest and in the campaign. In this first draw, among all the establishments participating in the campaign, La Tasca de Julio has been the winner of one of the Packs experience for two people that Ecovidrio has raffled.

Summer is a fundamental time to increase glass recycling. The increase in tourism, as well as the increase in consumption in the hospitality sector, mean that throughout this period a third of all waste recovered annually is recycled. In this sense, the collaboration of the hospitality sector, which generates almost 52% of glass packaging waste, is key. Reason why Ecovidrio develops this campaign.

Glass recycling data in Dénia.

According to the latest data related to 2018, the citizens of Dénia recycled a total of 1.724.920 kilograms of glass, which means that each inhabitant recycles on average 41,3 kg.

Regarding the rate of containerization, Dénia stands with an average 114 inhabitants per container, currently having a total of 365 igloos for waste glass containers installed.

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