Two detainees trying to rob an old man by the "hug method"

The Civil Guard of Calp has arrested two people, after being surprised infraganti, when they were preparing to commit a crime of theft on a man of advanced age, in a busy avenue of said town, by the method known as the "hug." This method is characterized by executing the carelessness of its victims, although the authors do not hesitate to use violence, if necessary.

The agents of the Investigation Area of ​​the Civil Guard of Calpe, while they were on the Gibraltar Avenue of the municipality, observed how a woman spoke with an elderly man, making many fusses and repeatedly embracing him effusively, even exaggeratedly. While they talked, the young woman repeatedly grabbed her left wrist, making sudden and very repetitive movements.

In the same way, the agents noticed a vehicle parked in the vicinity, with the engine running, whose occupant was in a vigilant attitude, apparently, waiting for the woman, a situation that made them suspect that it could be a possible theft through the method known as the "hug".

Given this possibility, the agents decided to intervene at that moment, intercepting the woman and identifying the alleged victim, who turned out to be a British citizen of 72 years, verifying that, indeed, the gentleman was wearing a gold watch, a prestigious brand, valued at 9.000 euros. Simultaneously, another agent proceeded to identify the driver of the vehicle that was waiting, giving the circumstance that was the husband of the woman identified.

After carrying out the corresponding identification procedures, it was verified that it had an arrest warrant in force for having committed a robbery with violence and intimidation in Dénia, in which it tried to take a watch from a man of 71 years, who caused various injuries as a result of it. He was also accused, days before, of a crime of theft, committed in Moraira, likewise on an old man, whom he stole a gold chain with a crucifix, valued at 1.500 euros, made by the one who was arrested.

For all this, the marriage was halted, both of 32 years and of Romanian nationality, who already had to their credit with numerous records for thefts and robberies, all of them related to the method of embrace and committed in different provinces of the territory. national.

After being placed at the disposal of the judicial authority, they were released on charges, awaiting trial.

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