Dismantle in Dénia a hydroponic marijuana crop and intervene near 40 kilos

The National Police has dismantled in the town of Dénia a hydroponic cultivation of marijuana, seizing in the operation about 40 kilos of this drug. The presumed responsible of the plantation are accused of a crime of drug trafficking and of fraud of the electrical fluid, because they allegedly made an illegally hooked up to the public electricity supply to supply power to the more than 40 halogen lamps that they used to cultivate the drug.

The operation began at the end of last year, when the agents became aware of the existence of a house, which could be being used by its residents for the cultivation of marijuana.

As a result of the researches carried out, the researchers found out that the house had undergone numerous renovations during the last months, with numerous air conditioning units inside. In addition, the only two residents stayed throughout the day inside until the night came, when both people went to their respective homes each. The suspicions of the agents were confirmed when they discovered that the wiring of the pole of the light rush that was next to the box of the counter was manipulated, determining the ones in charge of the investigation that this house was a place of production, treatment and concealment of a possible cannabis plantation.

For this reason a police device was established in order to confirm this and arrest the alleged perpetrators of the plantation. On 19 day in February, the agents accessed the home, surprising both people inside and practicing the corresponding registration.

Inside, the researchers found a clandestine marijuana crop that had a sophisticated cultivation system, with halogen lights, ventilation system, air conditioners and irrigation system.

In total, agents seized approximately 500 marijuana plants with an approximate total weight of 40 kilos of this drug, whose price in the illicit market would exceed 200.000 euros. In the registry, the police also intervened more than 40 high power halogen lamps, two fans, 5 large filters to camouflage the smell, 15 fans, 3 extraction engines, 22 transformers, 4 carbon dioxide cylinders, two industrial hoods , numerous air conditioners and fertilizer tanks, as well as a sophisticated irrigation system.

The two arrested, of Spanish nationality of 36 and 60 years, accused of committing a delusion against public health and electric energy fraud, were put at the disposal of the Dénia Guardian's Court of Instruction.

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