Dénia lives a black day on urban roads

This morning the neighbors of the Archduke Carlos square have woken up with a good scare when a delivery truck has invaded the new square, climbing into the garden area on the curb almost half a meter high.

Apparently, the van came from Alicante Avenue when the driver, he says, noticed that the brakes failed, so he could not turn when the road ended, recessed against the square. The vehicle has already been removed, as well as the cargo it carried, which employees of the company have taken.

A car leaves the road in Punta del Raset

It is the second vehicle that dawns over a garden in almost 24 hours. On Sunday morning, on the 06: 00, a high-end vehicle left the road at the beginning of the Carretera de Les Marines, in front of the first entrance of the Punta del Raset beach.

Several agents of the Local Police mobilized to the scene of the accident to divert traffic while the crane service did the towing.

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  1. Botafuegos :

    Regarding what happened in the Archduke Carlos square, I find it necessary to indicate the need to improve road safety around the playground. Because the roundabout that was contemplated in the initial project was not carried out, at the end of Avda Alicante and beginning of the square, cars arrive at the park suddenly and sometimes at speeds too strong. It is necessary to do something in this regard, since what we have in front of when we finish the avenue is not a statue or a fountain ... It is a very busy playground. If instead of the van it had been a tourist, it would possibly have rolled or raised on the ground and hitting the children's swings. What measures must be taken? I hope that the Administration takes note of what happened and do something quickly. I am not an expert in road safety, but I think that some orders at the end of the avenue to stop the speed of the vehicles would be a good option. As well as that of a perimeter fence for park security. I hope that what happened today is not only in anecdotal news and that the people who ensure our safety take note, it is a serious matter.


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