Dénia is filled with cycling passion: the neighbors turn to the competition

02 September 2023 - 14: 01

Dénia has experienced a historic moment this Saturday as it was the starting point of stage 8 of La Vuelta Ciclista a España. Since 1990, the capital of the Marina Alta It had not been part of the route of this prestigious cycling competition, but this year it has returned with force, offering an unparalleled urban circuit.

The nearly two hundred competitors gathered in Dénia, where the atmosphere of excitement and expectation was palpable. But something that stood out was the 7-kilometer urban circuit that ran through the most emblematic places in the city. From the imposing wall of Dénia Castle to the picturesque Marqués de Campo, cyclists had the opportunity to enjoy a unique route.

The population of Dénia has completely devoted itself to the event, filling different points of the route so as not to miss the passing of the cyclists. Some streets were even adorned with flags and posters supporting the teams. In addition, the Dénia City Council organized various cultural actions along the route, in which groups from the area such as the Muixeranga de la Marina Alta and Cachorras Band participated, adding a touch of tradition and music to the sporting event.

With this unforgettable day, Dénia demonstrates its capacity to host large-scale sporting events. Now it remains to be seen if it was not just an anecdote.

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  1. Shame says:

    Now it is prohibited to ride a bike through marquis de campo.

    Commitment promised a bike route through Marquis de Campo in its electoral program.

    Who explains it to me. Now you don't give a damn about sustainable mobility, health, right? So it's better to go by car to all the places they force us to do that. Because by train or by bus or by taxi it is impossible to move around Denia.

  2. It says:

    Not a single aerial image of Denia.
    Not a single image of the much-prepared and long-awaited tourist promotion.
    Not a single image on TV of the tour through the streets of Denia. (Some from amateurs on YouTube who hardly say anything)
    Who said it was a great tourist event to promote Denia internationally?
    And the famous promotional video of Dían gastronomy? Has anyone seen it in the headers of the TV summaries or in the broadcast of the race?
    Once again the City Council with Grimalt and his henchmen at the helm have overestimated an event and have invested public money for nothing and for nothing, well yes, as always, to appear in the photo and to divert funds to unnecessary actions without any benefit for the citizens. Citizens.

  3. Jose Pi Perello says:

    Nothing has been on TV

  4. Joseph says:

    Die Hauptsache ist, est keiner in ein Loch in der Strasse gefallen… Ein Bergrennen durch Pedrera hoch zu Marquesa Vl wäre doch wunderbar gewesen. Da wäre die Strasse vorher geflickt wordsen.

    • Joseph says:

      The main thing is that no one fell into a hole on the road... A climb up Pedrera to Marquesa Vl would have been wonderful. The road would have been repaired beforehand.

  5. Luis says:

    Hasn't the start been televised? Hahaha….

  6. Dani says:

    Shit back.
    I'm disappointed.
    And the worst thing is that the start has not been televised.
    As a resident of Dénia I ask for Grimalt's resignation.
    We have to change the city council.
    For example Democratic Coalition Acord Comarcal.
    Seriously, what a shit comeback.
    It is clear that it has been done in the Valencian Community

    • Patrick says:

      I don't know if it's Grimalt's fault for how it has been organized and I don't know who decides what to televise but the video doesn't show anything special. Cyclists passing through a street in Dénia. Where is the race action?

      • Alf says:

        It is that it has been seen what it was. A paripé which has not been televised from Denia, so acclaimed by these digital media that they would go around the world

    • Luis says:

      That's very simple Dani, make a formal complaint to the organization of the Cycling Tour, to the Federation and to Television as well.

  7. Ignacio says:

    «...With this unforgettable day, Dénia demonstrates its capacity to host large-scale sporting events. Now it remains to be seen if it wasn't just an anecdote...

    Oh yeah? Like what else? In addition, the neighbors are kidnapped. Either they can't get out or they can't get in, everything is cut off. Whether you like it or not.