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Dénia stands out from other municipalities allowing to practice swimming and water sports in the sea

May 01 from 2020 - 15: 28

The City Council of Dénia has shared the regulation on their social networks to be able to practice different sports in the municipality during Phase 0 of de-climbing. These, as already announced, will have to be practiced individually, respecting their time slot (06:00 to 10:00 and 20:00 to 23:00) and the safety distance with other athletes and neighbors.

Now, one of the initiatives of the Dianense city council that sets it apart from many other municipalities is the permission granted for the practice of swimming on the beach and other water sports.

While municipalities like Xàbia They preferred to wait initially to take this step (rectifying a few days later), Dénia decides to take a risk and allow these practices. Of course, not freely, but there will be different spaces specifically for these sports (detailed in the images)

  1. Julius Caesar says:

    In other words, it turns out that I live in the marinas and I can't do paddle surfing because it is not enabled and I have to go to the raset, and I can't take the car, and how the hell am I carrying the board? all like a flock towards the raset, the more we meet there the better, of course I understand the distance it is better to be like sheep on a beach than to practice on the other beaches that would be safer for everyone, congratulations to the sports councilor for As uncle knew the decision, the uncle will have been comfortable, it seems that logic is not his forte, once again these half-haired politicians at the head of councils, the mother who gave birth to me, but why the hell would I not get politician with what well that one lives and being a huge useless one can exercise a position of responsibility and on top of being paid for.

  2. Joan says:

    To avoid crowds you can only swim in the narrowest and busiest beach in Dénia? And those of us who live near the extensive Las Marinas beach have to walk miles to the Marineta just to fill that beach more? Please think again, it doesn't make any sense.

  3. George Grishin says:

    Pardon, can we only swim in Marineta Cassiana?

  4. isi centered says:

    Everyone here crying and nobody worrying about the virus. When they catch the disease, I have overcome it, they will be more cautious.

    • Joaquin says:

      Hello! You can't tell everyone. The vast majority are very concerned about taking the virus seriously. We just want to learn to live with him. We stay home until there is a vaccine? Thank you

  5. Joaquin says:

    Kayak only in the yacht club but you cannot take the car. Or yes or no, but not this absolute nonsense.

    • Miranda says:

      Our kayak is inflatable, and can be transported without a car. It's for 2 people, and it's going great.

      • Joaquin says:

        I am happy for you who live nearby and on top of that your team weighs little. Enjoy you who can. The others to wait. Thank you

  6. hidalgojimenezjuan90@gmail.com says:

    And fishing from shore to phase 2 ... to freak out ...

  7. Joaquin says:

    It is totally absurd to limit the practice of windsurfing to a small area of ​​the port if we cannot take the car. Let them be honest and say that it is prohibited. Where they have defined it, the raset, there are never waves for surfing. Can it be more absurd? For more laps that I give I can not find the logic. This is how everyone is. The councilor for sports I think it deals with issues that are unknown. Cheers

    • Joaquin says:

      Kayak only in the yacht club but you cannot take the car. Or yes or no, but not this absolute nonsense.

    • Miranda says:

      They sell a side transport for bikes, in which the surfboard can be perfectly carried. Decathlon sells it, and surely other firms do too. We are very lucky having so many kilometers of coastline, without having to be close to anyone. We cannot be negative. That way neither happiness nor tourism will return to our shops.

  8. Nicolas Candela Agut says:

    And what about the sport of sailing cruises?

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