Dénia, start of a stage of the Cycling Tour of Spain 2023

30 December 2022 - 11: 07

The Mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, confirmed this morning the phone call from both the president of the Alicante Provincial Council, Carlos Mazón, and the director of the Tour of Spain, Javier Guillén. Two messages that the City Council had been waiting for a few days ago.

For her part, the candidate for mayor of the Popular Party, Pepa Font, had previously communicated his intention to bring the Cycling Tour to Dénia. Later, Mazón also communicated his negotiations with the organization of the event so that the dream would come true. Although all this without counting on the Dianense Government, Grimalt has lamented.

Finally, the miracle occurred. Mazón apologized to the mayor for not having counted on him before announcing the negotiation. But, the one who gave the final confirmation was the director of the Vuelta, who was excited to include Dénia on the map of the next great competition in 2023. According to the information that Mazón provided to the mayor, this important date could be being considered for September 2.

Happy both parties the presentation of the Tour of Spain and the last necessary confirmation will take place on January 10 in Barcelona.

Grimalt, for his part, the only thing he has regretted is that Pepa Font, "who is no more than a normal citizen, for the moment, without being part of any institution, sets the standard that she will be the one who will bring to Dénia the Cyclist Tour ». And he added: "I think that the logical thing would have been for the Provincial Council and the Dénia City Council to have contacted each other before making public the request to include the municipality in the event."

Despite this, the mayor has been happy about the news. “It is very good, even if it is pre-electoral campaign and they use it for this purpose. Today, Dénia has the Government that it has and we are the ones who have to decide if something like this is accepted or not.

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  1. Luis says:

    Pepa Font reminds me of Rita Barberà in everything.