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Dénia will appeal before the courts the Transitory Urban Standards approved by the Consell

22 March 2019 - 10: 53

The Dénia government team has announced that it will appeal to the courts the Transitory Urban Planning Rules currently in force in the municipality. Some rules that, after being approved by the Consell 21 December of 2018, came into force last January 18.

Since its entry into force, the City has shown its discomfort to consider that, despite being a minimum document, blocks or prevents some of the points of the General Structural Plan whose draft is ending these days. According to the Councilor for Territory, Maria Josep Ripoll, these rules "prevent municipal autonomy", when entering into contradiction with the General Structural Plan that was exposed to the public in 2017, for which reason it has been decided to file a contentious-administrative appeal before the courts.

Ripoll recalled that the NUTs are "expired standards" that take as a model a suspended planning, since at the time of its approval and entry into force, the city lacked planning.

Now the objective is to approve the General Structural Plan. A process that will take time and that will take place, in any case, already in the new legislature. Yesterday, the draft was presented to the opposition groups, with the intention that it be approved in a few days by the municipal plenary. From that moment, it will be sent to Conselleria and will be the regional entity that marks the times. First, approve the environmental evaluation of the document, a process that can be extended a minimum of three months.

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