Dénia presents a huge device at the height of the relevance of an appointment like La Vuelta

August 28 from 2023 - 11: 48

This weekend, more than three decades later, Dénia hosts a new start of La Vuelta Ciclista España. A unique event that will make hundreds of thousands of people aware of what is happening in the city. As expected, the City Council is aware of this, so they already have everything ready for the event to unfold without any incidents.

This Monday, the mayor of Dénia, Vicent Grimalt, the Councilor for Esports, Valen AlcalaAnd the Councilor for Citizen Security, Javier Scotto, have presented in detail all the equipment that they have prepared for La Vuelta, a test that returns for the first time in 33 years and that on this occasion is accompanied by a great urban circuit of 7 kilometers through the most emblematic streets of the city, to show all the fans of the competition what it has to offer. It is not one more test, the municipality assuming the challenge knowing the opportunity that being the focus of that day supposes.

However, a circuit of this magnitude will completely block Dénia on Saturday morning, inevitably collapsing the entrances to the city at noon. Grimalt, aware of the anger that can be generated in people, has asked for understanding and collaboration. "It's once every 33 years." And he has encouraged them to enjoy it from anywhere in the city instead of getting angry.

Device in Dénia

The collapse will be inevitable since the main arteries will be closed to traffic from noon. And not only that, but from Friday, September 1, parking will be prohibited on the streets of the circuit that have a single lane in each direction, such as Patricio Ferrándiz from Diana to Castell d'Olimbroi, Joan Fuster, Joan Chabás or Round Walls. That same day the vehicles will begin to be removed from those places, counting for the occasion with two cranes. From that day on, the port area, where the exit will be, will only have one lane in each direction.

The streets where you can circulate until the moment of departure will have signaling with flags, warning the red one that will be blocked to traffic while cyclists pass. As for the TRAM, the 12:45 journey will not reach the station, but will stop at the Bosc de Diana stop.

For all this enormous device, the Local Police will have more than 40 reinforcement troops.

Javier Scotto has recommended anticipating the start of the test and avoiding traveling by vehicle through Dénia after 12:00 on Saturday, extreme prudence at the level of the circuit and, of course, patience. But he is not only asking drivers, but also pedestrians who are asking them to comply with the instructions.

citation relevance

"It is a unique event that places our city as a benchmark in the sports field," said Valen Alcalà, who also defended the preparation of the urban circuit, in which the opinion of the Unió Ciclista Montgó Club has had a lot to do, which will allow show the world the most emblematic places of the city, such as its port, Marqués de Campo or the walls and the castle. In addition, he recalled that cycling is well established in our region, so the image that Dénia gives with this organization is very important.

During the tour, actions will be promoted that make the culture of the area visible, with the participation of the Muixeranga de la Marina Alta or the xaranga Cachorras Band at different points along the route, without forgetting the imposing presence of the gigantic mural created by Tardor expressly for the occasion.

An event, in short, very important for Dénia and that serves as the "beginning of the course", since a few weeks later the D*na Festival will take place, which will be followed in October by Festival of the Humanities.

All the information about the passage of La Vuelta through Dénia here.

  1. Rob says:

    I still remember the last departure from DENIA. That day I did not go to school in the morning, 33 years old and I still remember it......Then the star was Perico Delgado

  2. Luis says:

    The message is clear: do not go to Denia. Although those who live there and have to move for their lives and daily needs, what? And all to transform the Cycling Tour into a spectacle.

  3. paco says:

    I spare my opinion on this matter because I don't want to get nervous

  4. Dani says:

    That's ok.
    But the promotional video they have made is crap.
    Really, a golden opportunity to have more tourists and they screw it up.
    Dénia needs promotion and services:
    A decent Bus Station, the second Health Center, a Theater-Auditorium to improve the cultural offer, a cinema, investment in employment….
    But the current mayor is a wuss.
    Municipal Agreement should have won.