Dénia seeks to become a space free of sexist violence

The Department of Equality and Diversity of the City of Dénia has developed a protocol against sexist attacks that puts in the hands of the public a tool to combat sexist violence in cases of sexual assault. The action protocol aims to analyze the discourse of these aggressions against women and improve prevention systems, "Because it is necessary to know and identify sexist behaviors to eliminate them from our lives and avoid transmitting patterns of violent behavior and discrimination based on sex", has indicated the councilman of the area, Javier Scotto.

This protocol is part of the actions contemplated in the State Pact against Gender-based violence and is one more step to make Dénia a space free of gender violence.

Coinciding with the Festa Major, the City Council, with the collaboration of Aehtma and the associations of taxi drivers in the city, will distribute leaflets where the protocol against sexist aggressions between the entertainment venues and the 29 taxis that run through Dénia will be stamped. As explained by the councilman, apart from the triptychs, both the entertainment venues and the participating taxi licenses will wear a badge with the legend "Espai lliure de gènere violence" that will identify them as a space or service free of sexist aggressions.

The protocol includes a first section that clearly identifies what sexist aggressions are, sexual assaults and sexual abuse. Next, plans of action for women in the face of a sexist aggression are outlined; for men, in which the message of the "No means no" and for citizens who may become witnesses of an aggression. In all cases, a battery of measures to follow in case of witnessing a sexist aggression is offered.

Finally, the triptych includes an action plan for hotels, with action advice in cases of low intensity as well as in the highest degree of aggression.

At the same time, all the municipal offices and those of the EATIM of La Xara and Jesús Pobre will exhibit the distinctive "Espai lliure de violència de gènere".

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  1. Leon :

    If placing posters is the solution to a problem "cojonudo"
    I propose posters for:
    DENIA free of dog poop
    DENIA all the streets with lighting
    DENIA access asphalt beaches
    DENIA clean and cleared streets
    DENIA safe pedestrian crossings
    DENIA safety first
    Etc etc…
    The strange thing is that nobody has thought of this before.
    In short, good ideas, although late, you have to support them


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