Dénia organizes guided visits to the castle and museums during the Fallas

Start date: March 16th 2023
Finish date: March 19th 2023
Event type: Other events
Site: Dénia
Event finished

The Department of Archeology and Museums of the Dénia City Council has organized a program of guided visits to the castle and the museums of the city for the week of Fallas.

On the one hand, it is proposed 'Discover the Castle of Dénia', an ascending tour of the monument, which culminates in the Archaeological Museum, discovering the history it treasures. This visit will take place on March 16, 17 and 19, A las 11: 00 hours, being the meeting point at the foot of the Consell tower, which is in front of the ticket sales kiosk.

The following proposal is an immersion in the Toy Museum to know the history of the Dianense toy industry. This visit is scheduled on March 16 and 19 days at 17: 00 hours. The meeting point will be at the reception of the Toy Museum.

Finally, the Winners will be announced in March, A las 11: 00 hours, there will be a guided tour of the Ethnological museum, approaching a splendor Dénia whose economy revolved around the cultivation of raisins. The meeting point will be at the reception of the Ethnological Museum.

To participate, prior registration is required by email at jagulles@yto-denia.es or by telephone 966420260, from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 13:00 p.m.


Discover the Castle Dénia

The Castle of Dénia is the emblem of the city and its everlasting watchman. From the top you can see the city in all its splendor and between the walls you can read centuries of history engraved in each of the stones that make them up. Discovering the Castle is a visit that aims to bring us closer to this long history, revealed in each of the spaces inside the fortress. The tour begins in the lower part of the enclosure to ascend and, in turn, discover the history that it treasures. The visit culminates in the Archaeological Museum, located in the highest part, from where centuries of history can be seen.

The World of Toys in Dénia

Trucks, dolls, trailers, ships, trains... There was a time in the history of the last century when the economy revolved around a varied production of wooden toys. That world, now gone, is represented in the Toy Museum, where girls and boys can learn about the types of past toys and adults get a first-hand look at the characteristics of an industry that has met the challenge of economic reconversion. The visit aims to bring the public closer to the modes of production and the varied and rich typology of the toy industry.

The visit will bring the visitor closer to the evolution of the dimensions and typologies of some toys, in sharp contrast with the current ones.

Denia Ethnological Museum. Between randas and raisins

The XNUMXth century was a moment of splendor for Dénia that left its mark on the transformation of the urban physiognomy and the agricultural landscape. The raisin monoculture became the axis of the local economy, offering as a result an advanced and modern city. In the Ethnological Museum of Dénia we will be able to approach the two sides of the coin: how the bourgeoisie lived between randas and modernity and what life was like and agricultural production that, between raisins and escaldaes, led to the social and economic rise of the city. In addition, it will affect the continent, since the building, in the historic heart of the city, is a representative example of the buildings of this bourgeoisie.

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