Dénia seeks to end the overpopulation of wild boars... at arrows

May 28 from 2022 - 09: 00

Dénia has been facing an "invader" for months that it cannot stop: the wild boar. They have tried a thousand different formulas to tackle the problem generated by the overpopulation of these mammals in Dianense land, but none has had the desired effect. However, the City Council does not give up, resorting this time to a "new" line of defense: posting archers to defend the city.

It's not any joke. During the ordinary plenary session of the month of May, held last Thursday, the councilor for the Environment, Maite Pérez Conejero, surprised by announcing this project that seeks to put an end to the great influx of wild boars. This has always been a plague that has been widely suffered in cultivated fields, as well as on suburban roads, causing a good number of traffic accidents. However, in recent times, especially during the months of confinement and subsequent months, these herds have become emboldened, walking fearlessly through the urban area of ​​Dénia.

From the City Council they have made several attempts to stand up to these animals. The last of them was to install traps on some land. However, they did not get the result they expected, so they have given up and removed the cages.

During the aforementioned plenary, the spokesman for Gent de Dénia, Mario Vidal, was interested in the following protocols that they would establish in this regard by having dispensed with the traps. Pérez announced that they had a draft, which would be ready by summer, with a new protocol. He announced that he had contacted the Federation of Hunters of Alicante to study a collaboration with a group of archers who wait in different parts of the municipality in order to shoot down the animals. As the use of bullets was prohibited, they opted for arrows.

Who removes the carcass of a wild boar on private property?

In the same plenary, Estefanía Schwamb, from the municipal group of citizens Dénia, put on the table the controversial responsibility of the neighbors when they find a dead boar on private property. He asked if the City Council could offer measures that would prevent said responsibility from falling on the owner.

The councilor confirmed that this is how it was arranged, but that, nevertheless, the municipal legal services could study it.

  1. N says:

    I would propose whoever is sorry to adopt it

  2. Rafa says:

    What a bunch of rulers…yes, panda!!! Do you know that in Spain there are many hunting farms??? They breed them, release them and then it turns out that there is overpopulation….the only plague there is is the human one

    • Enrique says:

      Cesar the hunting farms are not from here first and as far as I know in Valencia Alicante and Murcia they do not release wild boar please do not say that because I know it first hand and here the wild boar is produced so well because it has plenty of water and food and no predators so do not say things that are not and the first thing is to find out and then talk and if it is a plague and big

  3. Paloma says:

    Totally agree with Cesar!!
    Is this really what occurs to politicians???
    On the other hand, if the “dirty” citizens did not leave rubbish out of the containers, if the city council were more effective in cleaning those areas where wild boars appear -which obviously is not on Campos street- and other uninformed citizens do not feed animals (birds, fish, etc.) improperly… animals would never go to the city in search of… food, of course!
    I thought they were joking but of course we are not in April Fools' Day!
    Please reconsider! That is not the solution and also…. How much will it cost us??

  4. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    I'm not sentimental, but not long ago my children were in a trice of having a very serious accident when a wild boar practically got under the car on a road trip. Since the City Council is incapable of providing solutions (like the government), Throw balls out and let the "killer goalkeepers" take care of it and let the owner of the assaulted land be responsible for the disappearance of the corpse.
    I imagine that this will have been agreed upon with their compromise partners, communists, LGT…. in short with all the progressives down, animalists of raped chickens, anti-bullfighting etc.
    So a boar is not an animal. It is a target and if it is not the first, it will be the sixth. AWKWARD, more than awkward, INDECENT.
    The arrows can be a tranquilizing dart, which would allow them to be picked up alive, transferred to other places, or ultimately decide their sacrifice, which in this case we suppose palliartia the suffering of an agony, and if this is decided. Its meat is very usable and would have a less undignified end. Talk to the great cooks of the Shire. Hello good morning.

  5. Miriam says: