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Dénia supports the demands of the Bimbo staff

January 23 from 2024 - 14: 55

The government team of the Dénia City Council will present in the plenary session on Thursday, January 25, a motion to show its support for the demands of the workers of the Bimbo plant in El Verger, for the actions of the Business Committee and the section CCOO union due to the economic repercussions that the closure of the factory will cause. Marina Alta. This agreement will be transferred to the Works Committee and those responsible for the factory.

The famous Bimbo factory currently located in El Verger, is history in the food industry of the Marina Alta. It was born in Dénia as Madalenas Ortiz, and after more than fifty years of activity in the region, it permanently closes its activity. This was communicated in December by the group's management to the representatives of the plant's workers, according to the union Comisiones Obreras (CC OO).

After Bimbo announced the closure, the workers' representatives had thirty days to negotiate and find the best possible solution for the workforce. As the solutions provided by the company, with ridiculous salaries or impossible transfers to other factories, have been totally unsatisfactory, as stated by the affected employees, the staff gave the go-ahead to the works council to take all possible pressure measures to avoid the closure of the factory, including the call for strikes and mobilizations.

The harsh measure of closing the Bimbo factory will have an enormous economic and social impact on the Marina Alta. Both from the point of view of the impact it will have in terms of employment in El Verger and nearby towns, among which is Dénia, where many of the workers are from; as well as from a social and historical point of view, since this factory is living history of the food industry of the Marina Alta, one of the main ones for years, and especially for Dénia.

The extensive history of this factory, the mythical Madalenas Ortiz, before its sale in Bimbo, is the story of another of these great entrepreneurs of the region, the Dianense José Ortiz Savall, who for decades contributed to the economic prosperity of the city, eventually employing a thousand workers.

The Bimbo plant in El Verger, where almost a hundred people work today, who are now forced to lose their jobs due to a business decision, which, as the company itself has stated, does not respond to economic losses. , but rather a simple restructuring, does not take into account the human aspect and the different particular situations of the people who have dedicated many years to this factory.

Given this news, and after the conversations held with the representatives of the Business Committee, who will soon meet with the government team to explain their problems in more detail, the municipal government team considers that the closure of the factory is a blow. for the regional productive fabric, which will entail a severe impact on employment at the local and regional level, and that as the City Council of the capital of La Marina has to speak out in respect and express its support for the affected workers.

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  1. Ximo Alcubies says:

    So much not eating buns, or bread, or a thousand things, so much eco, vegan, light-friendly dictatorship and so on demonizing everywhere, what happens happens. I'm sorry for the workers, but when the numbers don't come out as a result of the above, this happens.