Dénia announces housing rental aid aimed at vulnerable people

13 September 2023 - 11: 51

The Dénia City Council has approved and published the bases and call for direct financial aid to provide housing solutions to people in situations of special vulnerability in 2023. The deadline for submitting applications is from October 2 to 18, 2023.

With this aid, the Dénia City Council aims to provide urgent and rapid solutions to the housing needs of the most vulnerable groups. The maximum aid budget is 135.000 euros for this year, of which the Generalitat Valenciana subsidizes 131.436,62 euros and the City Council the rest.

The grant of aid will be applied to the payment of rent, the transfer of use or any regime of temporary enjoyment admitted by law, in publicly or privately owned housing or in any accommodation or residential provision capable of solving people's housing problem. beneficiaries.

Among the requirements established by the bases, it is established that the applicant is registered in Dénia, Jesús Pobre or La Xara and has been or is a victim of gender violence, a victim of trafficking for sexual exploitation or a victim of sexual violence.

People who have been evicted from their habitual residence, homeless people, asylum seekers, refugees, stateless people, people under the temporary protection regime, or other subsidiary protection statutes, and other especially vulnerable people may also apply for these subsidies.

On the other hand, the rental price of the home must be equal to or less than 600 euros per month, and the tenant must not be related in the first or second degree of consanguinity or affinity with the person who has the status of landlord or transferee of the home, except in exceptional situations duly justified by social services.

In addition, those who own a home or have usufruct cannot be beneficiaries. Finally, the economic limit of maximum annual family income of 3 the annual Public Indicator of Multiple Effects Income (IPREM) in 14 payments cannot be exceeded.

How to apply for housing aid for vulnerable people

The deadline for submitting applications will be from October 2 to 18, 2023. The submission of applications and the documentation required in the bases can be done electronically through the Electronic Headquarters of the Dénia City Council (https ://oac.denia.es/es/index.aspx), or in person at the Citizen Services Office (OAC) located at Plaza de la Constitució, 10, by appointment made through this link.

For more information and aid requirements, you can consult this document.

  1. It says:

    135 thousand euros for housing aid and 250 thousand for D*na.
    This is this pseudo-bourgeois progress that governs us and for which they have voted.

  2. Daniel says:

    For rents that do not exceed 600 euros, as if in Denia there were something cheaper per year that was normal... bad, very bad. This is not how access to housing is fixed

  3. Luis says:

    AIRBNB clean zones, where are they?

  4. Paco says:

    The news is that the city council only contributes 4.000 measly euros.

  5. ... says:

    The miseries and crumbs