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Sustainable Culture Dénia collects cigarette butts in the center to criticize the "disrespect" of smokers

08 July 2019 - 14: 03

Last Friday, 4 residents of Dénia, belonging to the Sustainable Culture Dénia organization, undertook a symbolic collection of cigarette butts to expose the dirt that causes the disinterest or neglect of smokers.

In total, some 2700 butts were removed in Marqués de Campo street in an hour and a half by these volunteers. The aim of this day, according to what the protagonists tell us, was to raise awareness among smokers so that they stop throwing cigarette butts on the ground.

"Lo importante es no ensuciar porque por mucho que se limpie no vamos a tratar la causa del problema por mucho que se haga limpiezas por las mañanas organizadas por el Ayuntamiento", they express from Dénia Sustainable Culture, affirming that "los fumadores no respetan y siguen tirando las colillas por donde quieren".

1 Comment
  1. Marta says:

    We could start by putting ashtrays s on the tables of the terraces of the cafeterias
    They invade the street in an abusive use of public space. You have to ask for it usually because it is rare that they have it.