Four detainees in Dénia for illegal possession of weapons and crime against public health

Agents of the National Police have dismantled a black point of sale of drugs in the town of Dénia and have arrested their four alleged perpetrators. In the home search the investigators seized 1 kilogram of marijuana, 40 grams of hashish, a pistol and another detonator, among other effects.

The operation had its beginning in early March when the researchers were aware of the existence of an establishment in Dénia, where some type of narcotic substance could be sold.

After carrying out various investigative procedures, the agents identified four people, who could be involved in the possession and sale of drugs inside it.

Continuing with the investigation, the police discovered that the drug could be being guarded by one of the members of the network at a Pedreguer home, with another person allegedly moving it to the establishment for later sale at retail.

Once located the domicile and the establishment where allegedly the narcotic substances were sold, as well as identified all the presumed involved, the agents established a police device that culminated with the arrest of all of them.

Next, the agents proceeded to register both places, seizing a pistol, a detonating gun, ammunition of different calibers, two defenses, one of them extendable and a tear spray.

The drug intervened between both sites were 40 grams of hashish and 1 kilogram of marijuana.

The detainees, two women and two men, all of them of Spanish nationality, between 20 and 47 years, have been brought to court today, with the exception of one of those arrested who has been released on charges, after giving testimony in police dependencies.

The operation has been carried out by agents of the Judicial Police Brigade of the National Police Station of Dénia.

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