'Cuartetos', the new photographic exhibition of John Lillie in Dénia

23 December 2020 - 14: 57

The Al Forn Restaurant, located in Plaça de Mariana Pineda in Dénia, is hosting a new photographic exhibition by John Lillie. Although this show has been running for a while, a change is now showing with new images, although they are similar in style.

Lillie notes that it brings progressive changes that offer a new exhibition for this Christmas. "Actually, the new images are mounted on the reverse side of the original so that they can be easily rotated and also combined in different ways in the future. Two for the price of one!", indicates the artist.

The series is called Quartets, the reason for this title is because "Many of the photos acquire another life when I group them into series of four, four photos together become a fifth. I see them as symbiotic, it can be the colors, the graphic design, the theme and, sometimes, the opposites"Lillie explains.

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