C's will study taking legal action against the City Council for not responding to the Appeal for Reinstatement on improvements of officials

20 October 2020 - 12: 46

El grupo citizens Dénia demands from the Government team an urgent reply on the Appeal for Reinstatement presented to the plenary agreement that "in a scandalous and arbitrary manner" the salaries of some municipal officials. “More than three months have passed for the government team to have answered us, in addition to numerous ordinary and extraordinary plenary sessions. We do not know if they do not answer us because of laziness, incompetence or simply because they do not respect the opposition ", Susana Mut, spokesperson for the Citizens Group in the Dénia Town Hall, has pointed out.

The mayor has also indicated that "From the beginning this file is full of deficiencies, as we pointed out to the Councilor for Personnel in the plenary session of the approval of the Employment Improvement Plan, and time has proved us right, exceeding the legal term available to the City Council to answer our appeal ".

It should be remembered that this employment improvement only affects some department heads considered vital, leaving out others whose functions, according to the orange party, cover weekends and holidays. Estefanía Schwamb, councilor of the Municipal Citizens Dénia group, has commented that "In these moments where it is the officials of the lowest echelons, those who are risking their health to serve citizens, call yourselves Police, Residence staff, janitors, administrative, in short, all the personnel who attend to citizens in person , with the risk that this currently entails, they do not see their salary improved according to the proposals that all municipal unions have already indicated: leave this Plan on the table, and draw up a RPT (List of Work Positions) agreed and fair for all employees. Dénia City Council officials ".

"Not answering an appeal from the opposition or not listening to the unions are a clear example of how this government team treats those who do not agree with them, ignoring and belittling them, then giving lessons in institutional loyalty and tolerance with those who think differently ", Estefanía Schwamb has concluded.

The municipal group of Ciudadanos Dénia is going to put, as announced, in the hands of its legal cabinet this situation to study what legal actions to take in this regard.

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