Red Cross rescues two elderly bathers with red flag

The lifeguards of the beach of Les Bovetes have faced today the hard sea to rescue two bathers who, despite being waving the red flag, were very far from the shore.

It has happened to the 15: 00 when, among the troubled sea that has caused the red flag, the Red Cross lifeguard Dénia who was in the surveillance chair has noticed the presence of an older couple asking for help. The victims, between 60 and 70 years, were about 150 meters from the shore and the currents prevented them from returning to the arena.

After giving notice to his companions of the Bovetes post, the lifeguard has entered without thinking of the sea to take out both people at the same time. Once on the beach, with the ambulance already in place, the Red Cross service has assessed its status, discarding the transfer to the Hospital de Dénia.

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Comments on "Red Cross rescues two elderly bathers with red flag"

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  1. Sergio Bianco :

    It is very pleasant to be able to feel pride in these young people who with such dedication choose to work for the well-being of people, "crossroads" as I like to call them.
    Thank you for letting us know this very rewarding news.


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