They call the entrance exams to the formative cycles of FP of medium and superior grade for 2019

The Ministry of Education, Research, Culture and Sport has published in the 'Official Diari of the Valencian Government' the resolution by which the Access tests to vocational training courses of medium and higher grade for 2019.

News in the test

As main novelty, the structure of the academic tests is modified, so that they do not all take place in the same day. In this way, the exercises will be carried out distributed in two different and consecutive days, both for medium grade and higher grade, following the recommendation of the Síndic de Greuges of 30 date of August of 2018.

In particular, the exams of access to both intermediate and higher level will be the 11 and 12 days of June and they will be held in all public teaching centers that offer training courses. The objective of these tests is to enable those who do not meet the academic requirements of direct access to training courses to take these studies and thus complement their training. In addition, it should be noted that the certification that proves having passed the entrance exams is valid throughout the national territory.

For these students, in the admission procedure a minimum of one 20% of the vacancies will be reserved, which can be extended in case the requests of the students who attend by other access routes are insufficient to cover the offer.


As for the registration period in the tests, the 23 will open in April and will remain open until the 10 in May. The only requirement to be able to take part in the entrance exams at the intermediate level will be to have 17 years of age or to complete them during the 2019 year, and for the upper grade, to have 19 years or to complete them during 2019.

Likewise, those who prove to be in possession of a Vocational Training technician qualification will be able to take part in the entrance exams to higher education training cycles when they have at least 18 years completed the year of the test, and will only take into account the result for the purpose of admission to higher education training cycles when they choose to participate in the admission process for the corresponding fee for access test and other access routes.

The provisional list of students admitted to perform the tests will be published on May 21 and, after the claim period, the final list of admitted and excluded will be published on May 28.

As for the publication of the results of the tests, the provisional list of the grades of both grades will be published in the June 20 and the claims may be submitted from the 21 to the 25 in June.

Finally, the publication of the final lists of the qualifications and the delivery of the certificates of the tests of medium and higher grade will be the 1 day of July.

Development of the tests

Applicants for intermediate-level training cycles will carry out a common test for all of them, and will consist of three parts: Linguistics (Spanish and Valencian Language and Literature and English Foreign Language); Social (Social Sciences, Geography and History) and Scientific-Mathematical-Technical (Mathematics, Nature Sciences and Information Processing and Digital Competence).

On the other hand, the entrance test to the higher degree will consist of two parts: the common and the specific. The common part will be divided into four sections: Language and Literature (Castellana or Valenciana), Foreign Language (English), Mathematics and Information Processing and Digital Competence. As for the specific part, it will consist of two sections and will include different contents of subjects of the Baccalaureate, depending on the option to which the training cycle is assigned.

The direction of the teaching centers where the tests are to be carried out will designate the teaching staff of the different teaching and / or guidance departments who must inform the interested persons about the timetable, the structure, the contents, the evaluation criteria and the possibility of exemption from the evidence.

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