Concert, books, Mercat de la Terra and wine at the 'IV Fira de la Paraula & la Bona Taula' of Ondara

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On Saturday 8 in June, the City Council of Ondara has organized the IV Fira of the Paraula & la Bona Taula; a proposal that drives for the fourth consecutive year, and that this edition changes its location; del Barrio del Cristo will happen to be held in the Prado, Avenida General Boch and Plaza de Toros, from 11 to 13: 30 hours and from 16 to 22 hours.

La IV Fira of the Paraula & la Bona Taula 2019 will include various events: the Book Fair (with local and regional publishers and writers, to be located on Av. General Bosch); gastronomy with the Soledad 2019 Commission (which will offer local produce and typical food of the region); Mercat del Prado de la Terra i Artesania (organized by ACO); the II Fira dels Vins of the Marina Alta in the Prado (which will be a showcase for the wineries and producers of the Marina Alta); musical acts, guided tour, activities and workshops for the children's audience; and as a culmination, the great Spring Concert in the Bullring with Maria del Mar Bonet and Jonatan Penalba. A host of cultural, musical, literary, playful, gastronomic and oenological proposals, which will be combined to celebrate on Saturday 8 June a great local party with events and activities for all audiences.

The IV Fira of the Paraula & the Bona Taula of Ondara is organized by the Councils of Economic Promotion and Culture of the City council of Ondara, with the collaboration of the Soledad Commission 2019, and the Association of Merchants and industralists of Ondara (ACO), and it has been presented this morning in the City council of Ondara by the Mayor and Councilman of Economic Promotion, José Ramiro; and the Councilor for Culture, Raquel Mengual. José Ramiro has indicated that this proposal will combine culture, music, literature, proximity, wines, gastronomy, and animation through a global initiative to be held taking the Prado as a nerve center, and that will offer a very attractive event throughout the June 8 for visitors, both for the people of Ondara and the rest of the region. The Mayor has taken the opportunity to invite all citizens to enjoy all the scheduled activities, and attend the extraordinary concert of Spring with Maria del Mar Bonet and Jonatan Penalba in the Plaza de Toros.

In the field of gastronomy, the participation of the Soledad 2019 Committee in the IV Fira of the Paraula i la Bona Taula is reflected with the service of bar and typical food of the region that will be offered throughout the Saturday 8 of June in the Av. General Bosch; with diverse and varied gastronomic proposals of quality, with local and regional product.

Mercat de la Terra

El Market of the Prado de la Terra i la Artesania, organized by the Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs ACO of Ondara, will offer products of local commerce, agriculture, and artisans, with a score of stops that will be located in the central area of ​​the Prado from 11 to 22 hours. Embedded in the Mercat del Prado, the June 8 Saturday schedule will include the guided tour of architectural and heritage elements of interest to the 11: 30 hours (by the archaeologist Jordan Lips, with departure to the 11: 30 from the dock of the Meadow). At 12: 30 and 18: 30 hours there will be children's games; and the 16: 30 hours will be held on II Easter Workshop for children and family, on the preparation of Easter Monas.

Music and books

As for the musical programming of the IV Fira of the Paraula & la Bona Taula, at the 12: 30 hours will be the parade and concert of the Instrumental Set of the Coda Musical Association y Musical Union of Ondara, under the direction of Sebastià Roig Sirerol. And the children will be able to enjoy the 17: 30 hours of an exclusive activity, with the itinerant children's theater «Puff the Magic Dragon» in charge of David Spectacles, through the center of the town, leaving from Vicent Andrés Estellés.

La Book Fair it will be located on the Avenida General Bosch, and will feature the exhibition of various stands; with local and regional publishers and writers. A showcase of emerging authors and editors will be offered, with the participation of publishers such as "Dilatando Mentes" (Ondara's editorial devoted to the science fiction genre); "Edicions del Sud" by Manel Arcos; "Lletra Impresa"; "Edicions 96", as well as other publishers and distributors of the Valencian territory. The Municipal Library of Ondara will also participate with its own stand (which will give access to some of its books, giving copies to readers who visit the stand), and in addition, the Local Board of the AECC will mount its stop at the Fira de la Paraula .

II Fira dels Vins

La II Fira dels Vins of the Marina Alta It will be organized by the City Council of Ondara, with the participation of 14 wineries and producers in the region: Associació Bancals de Vi; Bodegas Teulada (Teulada); Parcent Wineries (Parcent); Bodegas Gutiérrez de la Vega (Parcent); Bodegas Xaló (Xaló); Briga de Xoc (Xaló); Celler Alter from Benimaquia (Teulada); Celler Les Freses (Jesus Pobre); Curii Grapes and Wines (Xaló); Bodegas Fondarium (Ondara); Joan de la Casa (Benissa); M from Alexandria (Teulada); Pepe Mendoza (Alfaz del Pi) and Cabrera Grapes (Benissa). The wine fair takes up the message of the regional fair of 2017, thus giving continuity to the initiative and complementing the original objective of disclosing and positioning a vertebrate product for the region such as wine. The event will take place inside the Prado (in the area of ​​the lateral eyes), from 11 to 22 hours. Wine tastings will be offered that will make known the characteristics of the wines of the region, within the respective booths of participating wineries and producers, proposing a circular itinerary. A Passport of the Wines of the Marina was created for the occasion, which the attendees will buy within the same venue at the price of 6 euros, (includes the relevant silk-screened glass for the event), and which will allow tasting the wines of each winery and so fill the corresponding space designated within the passport. The Fira de Vins will have an original photocall on the Prado dock, set in a terrace with vines.

Concert by María del Mar Bonet

Along with all this, and as a finishing touch to this IV Fira of the Paraula i la Bona Taula, the City Council of Ondara, through its Department of Culture, has organized for the June 8 the Spring Concert in the Plaza de Toros de Ondara, which will be starring Maria del Mar Bonet, being Ondara one of his last concerts to celebrate 50 years on stage, and which has already sold 1.000 tickets. The Spring Concert will begin at 19 hours with the performance, in the first place, of Jonatan Penalba, and the 20: 30 will be the moment of the performance of Maria del Mar Bonet. Raquel Mengual has encouraged the citizens of Ondara and the region to attend this magnificent Spring Concert at the Plaza de Toros de Ondara. The tickets (at the price of 10 euros tier and 12 euros patio) can be purchased at the Casa de Cultura de Ondara and on the link: -of-the-sea-bonet-en-ondara. The opening of ticket offices on the day of the concert will be in the morning of 11: 30 to 13: 30 hours and in the afternoon from 17 to 19: 30 hours.

María del Mar Bonet has a great reception in the Marina Alta. In Ondara will continue a thrilling tour of celebration of his 50 years in the scenarios that has taken her around the world: Cairo, Havana, Athens, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris ...

The 8 night of June will vindicate and recognize the hundreds of concerts, collaborations and work during 5 decades. An occasion to enjoy a voice with the capacity that only some have to jump from decade to decade, feeling equally esteemed and respected. Jonatan Penalba, cantaor from L'Alcúdia (Ribera Alta) will open this Spring Concert, before Maria del Mar. Jonatan Penalba will come to Ondara with his songs of batre, jotas and fandangos. Combining Valencian folk with traditional and current repertoire. His first album "De soca-rel", has completed one year this March.

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