Compromís vindicates Valencianism on October 9

10 October 2022 - 09: 04

Compromís has carried out its traditional act on October 9 in front of the statue of Jaime I. Around 40 people have gathered to celebrate the National Day of the Valencian Country. The person in charge of conducting the event was María Jose Garcia, regional secretary of Compromís Marina Alta and member of the executive of Compromís for Dénia.

The spokesperson and candidate for mayor of Dénia in 2023, Rafa Carrió and the provincial deputy, Gerard Fullana. Both claimed political Valencianism and what meaning does October 9 have for Valencians and Valencians.

In the first place, Rafa Carrió spoke, highlighting this festival "as a date on which to reaffirm our essence and value what we have been, are and want to be as a people". Carrió has taken stock of what Compromís has done this legislature in the City Council and what the objectives and strategic plan are for the next legislature, according to what he pointed out "Compromís is necessary in the municipal government since that was demonstrated in 'year 2015 providing stability, dialogue, cut and illusion and we are going all out to achieve it”

On the other hand, he reminded the attendees of the behavior that the government team has had towards Compromís during this legislature "without going any further, the institutional act that has been held a while ago in the same location that Compromís has been celebrating for more than 15 years, until failing to comply with the Municipal Organic Regulation (ROM) continuing with the despotic, little humble and arrogant gestures "

For his part, Gerard Fullana has reviewed what this legislature has been and the challenges that Compromís has for the next one at the municipal level, according to Fullana "the 2015 government in Dénia, with Compromís, was synonymous with stability, work and solvency, currently the absolute majority of the PSOE, is an insolvent government, which has halted the works of Raquel Payà, the General Structural Plan blocked or the new music conservatory, among others”.

Finally, the provincial deputy for Compromís has instituted that "it is Compromís that should lead the government in Dénia from 2023, as Sebastià García did in his day, because where Compromís is, it is certain that left-wing policies will carried out honestly and humbly”

The act has continued with the traditional offering of flowers at the statue of Jaime I to the sound of the Muixeranga. Finally, the event was closed by María José García thanking all the attendees and encouraging them to continue celebrating the day of the Valencian men and women.

  1. Cesar Pino Dominguez says:

    Magnificent exhibition and display of cultural and political power of these Catalanists.
    They have concentrated a crowd made up of 40 people in a city of 43.000 inhabitants.
    I believe that the area had to be cordoned off to avoid avalanches between those grouped and those waiting to participate.
    Money is money. I'm thinking about it.

  2. Antonio Carmona says:

    Far left, separatist and Catalanist
    nothing more, they are like that and that's it, the rest is pure imagination
    with its beautiful flag of the Kingdom of Aragon, appropriated by the Catalan counties (they don't know history either)
    But if we do demagoguery and especially the left-wing media and journalists say that they are Valencianists, maybe someone uninformed for not saying something worse believes it

  3. Dani says:

    These types of parties that do not support the Spanish flag and only create division and confrontation should not have a place. It does not fit in my head that in these times that everything tends to unite bridges to be stronger these promote separation, I cannot stand their moral superiority for having their own language in which to differentiate between speaking and non-speaking Valencian citizens (see in oppositions for example). That everyone who contradicts their gender ideology that they try to shoehorn in is called a facha, luckily fewer and fewer people swallow their speech and they will have fewer and fewer votes and they are residual, at least here in Denia they love Spain and its flag and we believe in the union of all Spaniards.

  4. Joseph says:

    «Compromís vindicates Valencianism on October 9» It is totally false that you compromise vindicated Valencianism in 40 people who among all were from the seua own family and to count. The Valencianism thing is not s'ocreguen nor they since the seua policy, culture and language is a copy and paste of the most stale of Catalonia, and when they say that they are nationalists it is a lie since they have always been followers of pan-Catalanist policies of dretes and non-Valencianists, they are supporters of the Catalan countries, of the unit of the Catalan language and in all of them they carry the anti-statutory flag of the four bars under the non-anti-statutory flag of the Valencian country, and they face saying that they are Valencianists, that they are not contain me to vote for these regionalists of Catalan dreta…Au cacau.

  5. Luis says:

    Only 40:people? What a hit…and they say:
    «….Compromís is necessary in the municipal government since this was demonstrated in 'year 2015 providing stability, dialogue, cut and illusion and we are going all out to achieve it…»

    So necessary that they can only gather 40 people, between family and friends they already had "the event" done. How is it possible that this is being maintained with public money?