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Commitment strongly criticizes the "lack of foresight and respect" of the local government towards the Fallas

January 17 from 2020 - 14: 04

Faced with the discomfort of the fallero world due to the City Council's proposal to locate the Ninot 2020 Exhibition in a single room of the Art Center or in a private space "with difficult access and restricted schedule", Compromís regrets the situation, considering that "It is one of the consequences of the lack of foresight of the current Councilor for Culture, who has decided to reduce, precipitously, the space of the Art Center the Station dedicated to artistic exhibitions".

This decision has responded to the claim of the Associació d'Amics del Joguet to expand its space (located until recently only at the top) to the lower rooms, a determination that Rafa Carrió, as former Councilor for Culture, had planned Perform when opening the room that was to be used for exhibitions in Marquesa Valero de Palma, so as not to affect cultural and artistic programming.

And now, given the delay in the inauguration of the new space on Caballeros Street, from Compromís consider "that this measure of reducing space in the sense that it has been done has not been successful without having a worthy alternative both for the plastic and artistic exhibitions already scheduled, and for the exhibition of the Ninot of the Fallas that, for reasons of proximity and suitability, they were going to use the entire space ". This situation has not only caused controversy with the fallero world, but also that the reduction to less than half of the exhibition space has been publicly criticized from the artistic world.

They consider that the situation was different when a year ago the halls of the Centro de Arte la Estación, where els Ninots were traditionally located, were not available due to programming and improvement works; and is that at that time, according to the Valencian party, "Yes there was an alternative of municipal space, dignified and very suitable, as was the renovated Old Lonja (current Museu de la Mar) and which was visited by more than 17.000 people".

This decision of the government team, as well as that of not finally holding the city's Fester Museum in the House of Culture ensure it is "a lack of respect for these groups that will be affected by the delay, and to which they had been promised facilities for the beginning of this term. Now maybe they will have to wait for campaign".

The party concludes its statement stating that "It seems that these actions respond more to the willingness to break or uncheck the decisions that Compromís favorably made in the previous legislature and were agreed with the government partners, than for other objective reasons. We think that when interested, some things go too slowly , and others are going too fast. It seems necessary, once again, the meaning and the existing consensus of the previous legislature. "

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