Police in Dénia

Address / LocationLocal police: Departure Madrigueres Sud, 14 (see map)
Address / LocationLocal police: Constitution Square (see map)
Address / LocationNational Police: Avenida del Marquesado, 53 (see map)
Opening timesMonday through Friday from 8 to 15 hours

Police in Dénia is present in its two main bodies: the Local Police and National Police.

Local police

The history of the local police in Denia dates back to 1873 when the Municipal Police Dénia is created and begins its work with agents Dosce by the mayor in January 1874. Its main function at that time was the regularization of traffic, but it was the establishment of 1978 which regulated their functions, always by the citizens.

Local police Dénia

Currently his work has been extended with a service road safety education and training, monitoring of municipal buildings, brigade signaling and blue zone, service of public safety, which counts among its functions to the impound lot of detainees, motorists traffic and ARTEMIS brigade focused on gender violence; and on the other hand, a rural service that focuses on monitoring of beaches, mountains and town.

In addition, since 2010, the local police in Denia has the power to exercise the judicial police work.

Chief of the local police is currently José Martinez Espasa, responsible for coordination of all brigades and services available to the Local Police of Dénia.

Requirements for Local Police

The requirements to be met by candidates for local police in the town of Dénia are:

- Have Spanish nationality
- Having to his credit a college degree or equivalent or obtain it at the date of the registration period.
- No suffering from an illness or physical defect that prevents the performance of duties.
- Minimum height of 1,65 m. 1,60 the man and women.
- To be over 18 years 30 not exceed.
- Do not take the story any disciplinary proceedings or be disqualified from exercising public functions.
- Driving license for vehicles of class B


The notice of competition for local police in dénia varies depending on the body's needs. There is currently not available any notice of competition to local police.

In any case, it is recommended to prepare the oppositions, whose agenda is posted on the website of the local police in Denia, attend a private academy specializing in this type of competition. There are no local police academy in Dénia.

Address / Location

The Chief of the local police in Denia is located, since 2010 on a ship Industrial Estate Madrigueres Sud. Also in the basement of City Hall Administrative Unit for the payment of fines, occupation of public roads and service is lost.

To contact the local police in Denia have to call the phone 092.

National Police

Police Station National Police of Denia is located at Castell d'Olimbroi, exit to Les Rotes Denia. In that office are the controls by the National body in Dénia and the department lost and the dungeons.

For procedures concerning the renewal of the DNI, passport, NIE and Aliens, users must go to the local Avenue Marquesado, 53, where they can perform these procedures documentation.

National Police Dénia

In these offices it is also the foreign office where reports of foreign nationality are processed.

Phone the police station (not valid for the application for renewal appointment DNI) is the 966422118 or 091. The fax is the 966422296.

Renewal of ID

For renewal of ID at the police station Dénia need to make an appointment 902 247 364 calling. The price of this process to date is June 2014 10,30 euros, and to realize the previous DNI, a recent color and information on voter registration if changing address photograph is necessary.

Dénia National Police - Issuance of ID and passport

Being National Police

To be National Police in Dénia be overcome oppositions that can be prepared at the National Police Academy. The headquarters of the National Police College in Avila.

To access the National Police must be broad connoisseur of police regulations and know firsthand the functions, duties and obligations of a member of the National Police.

The salary of a National Police varies depending on the category to which they belong, although the basic salary is set at 1.500 euros.

Local police: Departure Madrigueres Sud, 14
Local police: Constitution Square
National Police: Avenida del Marquesado, 53

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  1. Leonor bull and jean-claude Tinembart :

    we contacted c0n the embassy of spain in switzerland and they informed us that it is easier to take out the NIE in the police, we print the form and the collections they request, begging that it be an easy process, we inform the real estate agency that it is fast, that so be it, thanks for what I read there is no need to make an appointment ... am I right? ...

  2. Brigitte Zimmermann :

    we need a NIE to buy an attic in Denia.
    Can you help us?
    Is it possible to have a meeting May 11th?

  3. zegers :

    Mr. Mrs,

    I am a Belgian owner of a bungalow in Denia.
    Now after so many years, I ask for an NIE number
    You tell me where I can find.

    Thank you very much,

    M. Zegers


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