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Schools in Dénia: what are they and where are they

07 September 2021 - 09: 52

The city of Dénia currently has ten educational centers for infant, primary and secondary education. Of these ten centers, six are public, three are subsidized and some are private. In addition to the ten education centers in Dénia, there is one dedicated to exclusively teaching special education.

Public schools

Colegio Cervantes

The College of Education and Primary (CEIP) Cervantes is the oldest school in Denia, founded in 1956.

Currently the school offers from 1º Children to Primary 6º mainstream education.

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Pou Colegio de la Muntanya

The school Pou de la Muntanya is a publicly owned school that teaches kindergarten and primary teaching a total of 415 students.

Pou de la Muntanya school was the first center to perform Dénia Valencian education to promote students 1982.

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Vessanes school

Public school in Denia Les Vessanes students access to 3 years courses for children. In the 6 years have access to primary classes, studying in the center to the 11 years.

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Colegio Montgó

The Montgó school is a public school in the city of Dénia that is located on Calle José Oliver, 3, very close to the Municipal House of Culture and other colleges in the area.

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Colegio Llebeig

The Llebeig school is the most recent of public schools in the city of Denia. Located in the building that until 2003 facilities housed Secondary School Historian chabas, Llebeig school is a public school child and primary education.

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Charter schools

Marist College

Marist Brothers in Dénia College students enrolled from kindergarten (3 years) to 4º ESO (16 years). After his time at Marist Brothers school, the students expect them to two years of training in high school and then choose a superior studio.

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Sacred Heart School

Located on the Camino de Santa Lucía, in the middle of Montgó, the center houses facilities where classes are taught from nursery to secondary education, so that the students of the Sacred Heart School they spend their student life at the center until they are 16 years old.

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Colegio Paidos

Students of school Paidos You can study at the center from the infant cycle (from 3 years) to high school (16 years). The center is located on Camí Pou de la Muntanya, 12.

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Private schools

Alpha & Omega School

The Alfa & Omega de Dénia School is a privately owned center that offers infant, primary and secondary education. Its exact location is in camí de l'Ermita de Santa Llúcia, 12

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Special Education Colleges

College Raquel Payá

The Raquel Payá special education school opened its doors in 1986 to provide an educational and rehabilitative response to boys and girls who have special needs for educational support. Although work is being done to build a new building to house the students of the center, currently the school is located in Partida Madrigueres Sud, 74.

Raquel school Payà

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Schools in La Xara

CEIP La Xara

The public school of La Xara is located in C / De la Xareta. It is a building that opened in January 2021 and which welcomes a large number of students from the population.

Schools in Jesús Pobre

CEIP Pare Pere

School center with early childhood education and primary education, as well as bilingual education PEV (Ensenyament en valencià), located at Calle Escoles nº5 de Jesús Pobre.

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