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Colegio Llebeig


The Llebeig school is the most recent of public schools in the city of Denia. Located in the building that until 2003 facilities housed Secondary School Historian chabas, Llebeig school is a center of child and primary education.

Courses offered

During the course 2016-2017, the Llebeig School implanted the experimental project of the incorporation of the educational level of 2-3 years. Therefore, the students can access this center at the 2 years and finish the educational stage of primary education at 12 years.

The center has a classroom of 2-3 years of the first cycle of early childhood education and 6 classrooms of the second cycle of early childhood education. As well as 13 units of primary education, reducing the 12-2020 course to 2021 classrooms.

It does not have a specific department of special education, but it has specialized teachers in hearing and language and therapeutic pedagogy, which reinforce the needs of students who need it.


The center is located in what were the facilities of the old institute of baccalaureate Historian Chabàs. After the transfer of high school students to a new center, this building was remodeled and adapted to the needs of the students of early childhood and primary education.

The building has three floors. On the first floor is the experimental classroom of 2 years, the classrooms of the second cycle of early childhood education, psychomotor classroom, rest room, bathrooms, changing room and two courtyards, one of them for our students of 2 years.

In the upper floors there are primary education classrooms, services, library, laboratory, music room, English classrooms, computer rooms, multipurpose rooms, faculty room.

It has a large patio, differentiated into two sports courts for basketball and indoor football, as well as a covered gym. The center has a dining room with its own kitchen, being the homemade menu prepared by dieticians specialized in infant nutrition.

It also has an auditorium that hosts activities of the center and other activities of dianenses associations that request it.

Organization of the school day

The center offers the morning school service. It is opened to the 07.45h and is managed by the Ampa of the school. During the months of October to May, the school day is from 09.00 to 14.00h. From 14.00 to 15.30h the school cafeteria service is offered.

Extra-curricular activities of a voluntary nature are carried out from the 15.30 to the 17.00h.

The months of September and June, the school day is from 09.00 to 13.00h. The tutoring schedule to attend families is Tuesday from 14.00 to 15.00h. It is convenient to arrange the appointment in advance.

The center secretary is open from 09.00 to 10.30h every day

Phone and address

The center is located on Ramón Ortega street number 13 of Dénia, at the entrance of the city, and you can contact them by calling 966428890 / 966428893 telephones


Calle Ramón Ortega, 13

  1. Larisa gil says:

    I need information from school ... what is it? It is a quiet college? He is bilingual? What is the total enrollment, ie total number of children between kindergarten and primary. It is a personalized school, that is, with few students per classroom? Thank you very much!!! I'm moving to Spain and I have suggested Démia to live because it is very quiet and sparsely populated, but I need to know about schools, thank you very much!

  2. Mara says:

    For my part I say that both teachers and the school is very well
    Very well conditioned and especially the incentive to teach children to study through the school blog if you go further was the first school he did from the 2010 2011-cycle.

  3. anonymous says:

    Real good school ... but lousy teachers.

    Lousy experience.

  4. Anonymous says:

    you have to control lice Aser some children Soray 4 years and ermanos Alisia and Solana 8 and 9 years.

  5. marisa arche says:

    I want to take a course in Creative Piontura at its center, I worked for CEFIRE.
    marisa Arche

  6. mary says:

    the richest school I know, its range of cultures, makes our children grow and learn to live with all races and I think that greatly enriches people, the way in an increasingly globalized community and requires people with ability to accept and with an open mind. Ojala huviera schools in the world more so.
    Ojala in fututo heart we all accepted, and you can understand that we are all capable of being and contribute to improve the community ...

  7. esther says:

    Hello, if you are interested in the school calendar of the 2011 / 2012 course, it was published in the DOGV, on May 06. It is usually the same more the days that put the "school", although this next course I do not think they are many more, since they have more holidays than last year ...

  8. Anonymous says:

    Please curs school calendar 2011 / 2012

  9. georgi says:

    the best school in the world

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