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Summer classics in Dénia: Hippies

August 04 from 2010 - 18: 13

They have been part of the Dianense landscape for so many years that they have become a summer afternoon / evening classic. The Cervantes esplanade is filled with the color of the stalls and the people who walk through it quietly in search of something ... or perhaps in search of nothing concrete.

We went for a night out, and this was what we found. Since denia.com, Thanks to the people who allowed us to photograph them during their work!

  1. A hippie says:

    I do not want to look rude, but that's a huge lie. I work in hippies a million years ago and I've never seen that. Any exceptions ?? It is possible, as in everything ... but the vast majority ?? Madam, inform yourself well before saying such nonsense !!

  2. a Dianense says:

    The vast majority of these positions do not mark the prices of their products, I think they should be obliged to put them, but they are not interested, of course depending on the pint of the possible buyer put one price or another.

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