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Citizens demand that their proposal of dune regeneration supported unanimously in the Coast Regeneration Project be taken into account

August 20 from 2019 - 11: 26

The municipal group of Citizens will present a motion to the plenary to demand that the regeneration of the dune cord be taken into account in the Coast Regeneration Project.

This was announced by the spokeswoman for the training, Susana Mut, this morning at a press conference. Citizens, Mut recalls, already presented at 2017 a motion for dune regeneration that was passed unanimously in plenary. However, the mayor affirms that the aspects detailed in said motion have not been reflected in the current project.

The Citizens proposal was directed by the specialists Jesús Reina and Salva Pons, and it was about the regeneration of the dune cord from the port of Dénia to the Riu Girona. In addition, Mut insists that CEDMA has also made a proposal along the same lines.

“From Cs we defend that the management and the tourist use of our coast must be carried out from an environmental approach, protecting essential structures that are already very weakened or even disappeared in some areas of Dénia due to urban abuse and bad practices in the maintenance of beaches", said the spokeswoman for whom “The consolidation and recovery of beaches in Dénia is essential, so that they become a benchmark for sustainable quality”.

In the current Project of Regeneration of the Coast, according to Citizens, the creation of breakwaters and breakwaters with a budget of 30 million euros is detailed, subtly referencing the dune issue but without stopping or developing the theme of the cordon.

Therefore, Citizens will submit an allegation to include their project, through the presentation of a motion to the plenary so that the rest of the formations will join their request to the Ministry again.

  1. Alfonso says:

    This week, I had the opportunity to walk along Raset Beach, part of Las Marinas ... etc. and without a doubt, I don't remember being on a beach in worse conditions than it is.
    It gives the appearance of abandonment, of letting the days go by to see if the situation resolves itself.

    It seems that there is a serious problem of definition and strategy that in the face of natural phenomena such as a storm or storm, immediately activate the necessary corrective means to achieve the balance that allows users to fully appreciate Denia's offer. Clean beaches, clean water, it seems that without conducting an opinion poll it is something that both habitual inhabitants and visitors want without a doubt.

    The so-called POSEIDONEA that throws the sea to the beach, not only with its continuous entry and exit in the water causes it to be murky but also that when accumulating on the shore makes it difficult to even a simple walk

    Assumption: a family decides to spend a few days on vacation, beach, gastronomy and entertainment in Denia.
    It seems that one of the three options, gastronomy, certainly covers the possible needs.
    Beaches, possibly spend the first day and before the seaweed montonera and the smells that give off them, decide to find another beach at the end of the marinas or approach some other population like Benidorm.
    They may not return to Denia again, if what they need is a beach close to the population that meets the minimum conditions for use and enjoyment.

    Now I propose to those who have real interest in real problems of urban planning that carry out the following exercise:
    Take as an example the wiring on the facades, and the facades of Carrer de la Fontanella arriving at Marqués de Campo. The question we were asking just two days ago at a breakfast of neighbors in the area is how can you afford to give such an image of abandonment?
    How are cables allowed on the unchanged facades? How is it possible to keep wiring no longer used, loose, with signs of burned, log boxes and open connections ...? Please come closer to the area and look, look. And if you are interested, look at its streets, where you walk every day and you will see cables that pass from one building to the other through the air, loose wiring, in a definite aspect of abandonment.
    Denia a beautiful population that needs to be taken care of as such!

    It will be difficult for our public representatives responsible for these areas to have time to analyze these and other issues. But it would not hurt to walk around the neighborhoods every morning with a simple notebook and take note of what they see and would not like for their homes. Easy, public service must be a vocation that is at the service of citizens, such Once for this, it is not necessary to be satisfied with a good temporary result.
    Some issues to analyze:
    Aged sidewalks, lack of machinery to clean in depth and maintain periodically.
    The corners of buildings that look like they have been urinated
    Revision of wiring in facades and that the companies that carry out the installations have the necessary regulations so that the current appearance is not repeated in a large multitude of building facades
    Maintenance of places of interest, as an example, you can see the cement cover and rusty and “ugly” steel columns of the remains of the wall in front of the Manuel Lattur music school. Visited repeatedly and that produces comments that I will not repeat for I respect those who read this note.

    And anecdotal cases such as not being able to see the mouth of the port on the esplanade of the Panseta exit since a ship from a company that is dedicated to the marine world viasitas docked in parallel. Curious, that area was restored but the large multitude of visitors of the same cannot enjoy said views as a result of said ship docking in parallel to said esplanade.

    In short, we would beg our municipal representatives and their teams to walk through the town and that their objective before this legislature is to remove Denia and that every day be a day of dedication to the public, forgetting the political campaigns that have already passed.

    Thanks to those who work because our town is a comfortable, safe and proud place.

  2. Yolanda says:

    A shame the unfortunate state of what in theory are the dunes. They are dry scrub, without care and with a soil full of waste. If we add to this the collection of seaweed in a state of fermentation, with an indescribable smell, we go to a beach and an environment so as not to return. The leaders of the
    Compromis match money to buy a tractor and hire. to people who keep the dunes and the beach impeccable. In that Benidorm beat them, every day the tractor passes through the sand and several operators walk it on foot, the beach that remains untouched. A pity that you who live on tourism do not take care of you anymore, not only because it is declared by Unesco gastronomic city (which incidentally has lowered the menus with respect to what it was and has increased prices) but for its beaches and its environment. Gentlemen of Compromis, do not pay 600 euros of unemployment for not working and pay a decent salary to gardeners and assistants after all is to give work to be quoted. Watch that the beach is clean, without seaweed, without plastics. It is a pity that Denia who claims to be "the most" with Ferraris, LamborginI, Porsche circulating in its streets, parties of Moors and Christians can not boast clean beaches.

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