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Valencian certificates that will be required according to public office

04 September 2019 - 10: 00

As of July of 2020, public workers of the City Council of Dénia must meet the linguistic requirements that require them to certify their knowledge of Valencian to be able to attend a society "mostly of Valencian speech", as the mayor affirms. However, depending on the position, these may vary.

The requirement will be included in the public employment bases that are published as of that date. However, it will not affect workers who are already in the workforce. They must only certify it when they want to apply for internal promotion positions.

Level of knowledge of Valencian required according to job

  • AP Group: Oral knowledge
  • Administrative: Elemental level
  • A1 and A2 groups: Medium level
  • Linguistic Standardization Department workers: Upper level
  1. Miranda says:

    Great idiocy, and very exclusive. If this is the case, for example, of a very valid person for the position, who is presented to the mayor, for example, and comes from Belgium or Germany, and only speaks Spanish, then welcome.

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