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CEDMA proposes to the City Council various measures to face the crisis, insisting on the tourist offer

09 2020 April - 13: 02

El Business Cercle Marina Alta yesterday sent to the municipalities of the region a document agreed by all the sectors that comprise it, where they collect the needs of entrepreneurs, SMEs and the self-employed. In addition, they report the possible measures to be adopted by public administrations to alleviate the crisis situation derived from the health emergency.

As a consequence of the coronavirus crisis, companies, SMEs and the self-employed have seen
their income and future survival are seriously reduced. Therefore, they have asked the municipalities to take into account various measures proposed by CEDMA in order to alleviate and protect the future of each municipality and the region.

The circle of businessmen asks each consistory for more flexibility in payments and moratoriums without interest, aid to companies, deferment or cancellation of taxes such as IBI, waste, circulation, terrace fees, among others.

In addition, CEDMA proposes that, once the crisis is over, it must insist on broader campaigns to promote tourism in the area, despite the fact that the City Council is committed to rethinking the economic system of Dénia, so dependent on tourism and, therefore, so fragile before any adversity. That yes, suggest the deseasonalization, one of the great pending objectives of the consistory.

They also ask for greater agility, communication and liaison between public and private entities, and that large immediate events be created after the end of the confinement to liquidate the accumulated stock, with fairs or street markets. However, the latter seems unfeasible since the authorities are committed to an exit and recovery from gradual normality, leaving large concentrations of people as the last goal to achieve.

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