Street Cop Dénia

January 22 from 2015 - 10: 02

In the center of Dénia, joining Plaza Pais Valencia, known as La Glorieta, And the Plaza de la Constitución or the Town Hall, you will find Cop Street, a pedestrian shopping street with a lot of life and many possibilities.

Street Cop Dénia

The Cop street is a relatively small street is characterized by its peculiar geometric pinkish cobblestones. Along its route are clothing stores like Canovas 26, A bakery, a pharmacy, cafes, kiosks sweets, a perfume shop and a sports shop.

In addition, street buildings house several offices of all kinds of professions and agencies, lawyers or real estate.

passage Femenía

Halfway to the street known as Cop we found the Femenía Passage, a shopping passage linking this street with Diana, also pedestrian street in the parallel section. It is a private passage that gives access to several buildings in which offices and shops are located.

passage Femenía

In the passage Femenía found mostly trendy shops, but we can also visit for a coffee or buy barbecues and heating.

Buy or rent on the street Cop

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