Carlos Soler was the winner of the 'XXI Memorial Samuel Llorca' cycling

The cyclist, Carlos Soler, of the Infinobras-Merckx team, junior of the first year was the winner of the "XXI Memorial Samuel Llorca", of cycling that took place in Dénia. Soler was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 1 hour, 47 minutes, imposing on a tight sprint to your 67 opponents of the race.

El Club Ciclista Dénia He pulled out, forced by the circumstances of his usual circuit this test and moved it to the vicinity of the Third Institute, turning the race by road, into an urban circuit. This change meant a success as the participants rolled very quickly and without having to regret a single incident.

There was a new participation despite not being scoring for the Challenge of the Valencia Region. The race was followed by a large number of spectators who had the opportunity to see much of the circuit, something to thank and that made enjoy a great morning cyclist.

Josep Miguel Canet was the great protagonist

From the very start there was a lot of push on the part of the runners, all went on the attack, until there was a good escape from the day, Josep Miguel Canet, of the ULB Sport-Ginestar left alone and escaped more than two thirds of the career. Canet was the one who took the two flying goals.

As the end of the race approached, the peloton was shot very hard until the fugitive's hunt was consummated. A little later there was another jump of several units that for lack of understanding did not get anywhere. The control of the race was in the hands of the two strongest teams, Cartagena-Esetec and ULB Sport-Ginestar. These formations were responsible for launching the sprint.

In that sprint, Carlos Soler surprised everyone and showed the strongest to cross the first line of the finish line.

Classifications Memorial Samuel Llorca

Flyers goals

1 º Josep Miguel Canet
2 º Alejandro Roberto
3 º Miquel López


1 º Carlos Soler
2 º Miquel López
3 º Samuel Navarro

Junior First Year

1 º Carlos Soler
2 º Diego Lillo
3 º Pepe Ginestar

Junior Second Year

1 º Miquel López
2 º Samuel Navarro
3 º Óscar Sánchez


ª 1 Teresa Ripoll


1 º Cartagena-Esetec
2 º ULB Sports-Ginestar
3 º Infinobras-Merckx

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