Caravaca, the artist from Dénia who breaks the professional rules to give life to his creations

We are in the Center d'Art L'Estacio. There is the artist, Juan Caravaca, only before his works, deciding which ones will be part of the exhibition that opens this Friday in Dénia. He has brought many of his creations, he wants the team to live up to his first major exhibition in the city that has seen him born.

Although it has been slow to reach Dénia. Before exhibiting in his house he has taken his work to Lisbon, Rome, Romania, Bulgaria, New York, Mexico, Paris, Germany, Morocco or Stockholm. And only this year, to Italy again, Buenos Aires and Oran.

Juan Caravaca has been learning techniques and renewing his learnings since 2008. What started as a hobby, turned him into a self-taught artist. First through painting books, then with Youtube tutorials. Until his path crossed with that of the artist of Xàbia Tomás Sivera, who became his teacher, his mentor, and now his study partner.

Since then there have been many presentations to painting contests from all over the country, although it cost to start being selected in them. A long road that has taken him to this moment, perhaps one of the best of his artistic career, in which he has a wide range of fellow artists at his side. Tomás Sivera, Toni Marí and Joan Castejón know and value the work and the artist. Good sample of it is his participation in the catalog of the exhibition of Dénia, in which they think of his work and his creativity.

Special mention deserves the participation in this catalog of the prestigious art professor Román de la Calle, who has written the presentation of the catalog, highlighting «Sensitivity in favor of nature» of Caravaca. Because his work is critical, it makes people reflect and goes further so that the viewer reaches a conclusion when observing his paintings.

More than ten years after those beginnings, his work is recognized and recognizable. Its forests, its colors, its strokes and its textures already have their own name. Because Caravaca has achieved a unique style of creation that can not be explained, it is worth discovering.

From the geometric abstraction of his previous work he has gone to this new collection, Silvam Via, the path of the forests, a sample that from this Friday, and until the 1 of May can be enjoyed at the Center d'Art l'Estació de Dénia.

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