Candice Julià Esthetics Center brings you the best tips to take care of you this spring

02 2019 April - 10: 30

Spring has already arrived, which produces sudden changes in temperature, from morning to noon and then night, allergies, etc. To get along well, we must take care of ourselves, both inside and out.

Listening to our body will prevent us from falling ill. It is good to take oranges, in natural juice, curcuma, ginger, broths, infusions or herbal supplements, to help prevent colds and flu that come at this time of year. In addition, our skin also needs some care, since it also suffers these changes.

It is advisable to perform a body peel and moisturize, as the skin tends to dry out, at least once a week at home and the first time in an aesthetic center. Hydration should be with constancy every day. It is important to choose a cream suitable for our skin, In Candice Julià Esthetic Center They recommend biological creams, which do not harm and the body accepts much better. It is very important, because the ingredients are not only on the surface, but penetrate deep layers of the skin and being biological benefit our body as well as our skin.

It is also a perfect time to perform a deep facial cleansing + hydration or treat acne. After the cold of winter, the wind and the sudden changes of spring, the face is the most damaged part. Clean well, nourish and moisturize the skin of the face will make us feel good. It is a time of the year that we like to go out, to walk and in this way, we will do it with great satisfaction and it is good for our self-esteem. In addition, we will prepare our skin for the arrival of summer.

It is important to be aware of a balanced and healthy diet, drink 1'5 / 2l of water a day, exercise, avoid sugary drinks and sweets. Being constant is the key, but if we want to notice the results more quickly, in addition to all this, Candice Julià Aesthetic Center recommends that you perform an anti-cellulite treatment, which together with the maintenance at home, is very effective. Create good habits and you will notice the results.

With all this, we will enjoy this beautiful time of year in the best possible way, feeling good about ourselves.

Find out all the details in Candice Julià Esthetics Center, 619 677 044.

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