Denunciations fall in Dénia for breach of the decree of the state of alarm

26 March 2020 - 10: 16

The Local Police and National Police in Dénia yesterday intervened 33 people and 666 vehicles, but they only had to sanction 9 neighbors for breaching the state of alarm, the lowest figure, tied with last Sunday, since it decreed .

What's more, the Local Police only had to sanction a neighbor who was wandering on Avenida de València who said he was going to buy tobacco, being more than 2 kilometers from his home.

This decline in reporting may be due to what This week, the Councilor for Citizen Protection, Javier Scotto, told us, who pointed out that people would become aware and respect the restrictions.

1 Comment
  1. Miguel says:

    Concentrating? What is needed is police patrolling the streets, you write these articles and you wash your manipulative hands. Every day I see people WALKING, with the bike fooling around, differentiating who uses the bike for transportation and who uses it for walks, it is not necessary to be a police officer. Apart from seeing how two old men get together in the doorway with their dogs and spend the afternoon talking and exchanging cigarettes, it is quite a spectacle in front of the national police IDs. Too bad that the coudad is so little guarded, here everyone does what comes out of the bolus. Denia, men fot, and then those old men that I mention that spend the afternoon in a doorway near the mayor's pharmacy, will catch the coronavirus and obviously want to live, like all of us at home. Wake up in the town hall that if I see all that you too

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