Burguer Center

Business typeBurger


C / Diana, 26
96 578 51 97

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Comments on "Burguer Centro"


  1. Marimar :

    The treatment is lousy. They threw things at the table with contempt. We were treated very badly and the food did not think anything good, rather bad shooting normalita. Of course, not recommended. I would not recommend it.

    • Burguer Center :

      MARIMAR ... I respected the opinions, even though in 30 years I have not had this type of complaints ... I doubt very much that the service can be terrible, and of contempt none. Throw things? That is not seen in the Restaurant The Beasts ... One thing is that August is when there is more work in the hostelry and we were all much faster than normal and obviously the quality of service is low, but contrary to what You say it is to give a better service in general, in terms of waiting and others. And about the fact that the food is not good but rather pulling bad ... What to tell you? I am more satisfied that there are people who come 10, 20 and thirty years and still continue to come ... So I think that the "bad service" came together with their disappointment and everything seemed wrong. Quality food and top brands without a doubt. Anyway ... Greetings.

  2. dueñaa :

    hello I am the niece of the owner of the bar and that comment was not to sit well and that will pass through a change had poor q ...

  3. GeraiM :

    The bar in question is misleading advertising. It has a cane + cap promotion for euro from Monday to Thursday. Today January 4 2010 euro have taken me half a cane. I have said that this promotion is not valid on holidays, which the cartel does not say, yet on January 4 is workable.

    When I came to take note, the waitress informed us about, telling us that did not include top, but never Miss told us that the price is encarecería fifty cents.

    The person who owns the bar explained that during the promotion serve smaller rods (she calls marbles). But anyway I asked a reed on the poster says no canica cane.

    Besides the tables have changed around, leaving us trapped and have even forced other customers to change places.

    • Burguer Center :

      Hello Geraim, if before serving you had been informed that the promotion was not valid that day, the most logical thing is that the price of a cane is the same as always, not the "no lid" promotion ... And the size and the price of the canes in promotions they do in all the bars ... It will not be the first one that you see that it puts «cane + tapa 1 €» and the cane is a penalty (or the small marble that you say) ... And about the imprisonment the tables, hahaha makes me funny, because it's a good sign that it's a good place to eat and we have to take enough space to be able to attack almost everyone. Forcing people to change places? Emmmm, this is never done, maybe if a large table comes and there are two people in the center, let's ask if they would mind changing, but never while they are eating. Well whoever works in the hotel industry will know what I'm talking about. Greetings and thanks for your visit.



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